Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Whadda ya say?

Here are some more pics of Thing One, look closely, there will be homework on this assignment.
Here is Thing One in Rome.

Here he is pointing the way home.
Here he is returning to earth, after being engrossed in a book.
Here he is doing some construction work.
And last, but far from least, here is Thing One trying to get Thing Two in trouble.
As if he needs the help!
OK, so here is the fun part.
At Thing One's first birthday everyone was asked to make a prediction about what he would do or be as an adult. We got doctor, lawyer, professional wrestler, and other outrageous possibilities.
So that is my question for you today,
do you have a prediction for Thing One?
Try to keep it G rated, I want to let him enjoy the answers.
Thanks for all the great birthday wishes!


Breazy said...

He will own a major company which has cause for lots of world travel and reading . He will never get lost because he can read a map well . He could have chosen any revenue of work he wanted because he is good with his hands and he has a very sharp mind ! :)

logo said...

Breazy~ Thanks, good one! My cousin predicted he would become "The Carrot Topped Crusher"
and dominate the WWF. As a mom, I am hoping yours is closer to accurate.

bsoholic said...

A world famous adventure/traveler! Exploring the wild places around the world.

bsoholic said...

(oh, and happy birtday thing one)

lime said...

Well, you said he loves science. I see he likes building too. I'll put my bet down for architect. all sorts of physics and fun stuff in that.

The Grunt said...

Since kids love certain kinds of professions, I'll say that he's going to fly really fast jets for a living and drive a firetruck on the weekends for fun.

Egan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Thing One. You make your mum very happy.

Minka said...

That is one of the cutest guys I have ever seen. red hair and everything. Icelandic Viking blood in me is screaming. Happy birthday, ERIC! This is the name I have given to you in my mind. It is so VIking!!!

Seamus said...

Rick Steve's replacement! Keep mum travelling in the style she wants to be accustomed to!

DaMasta said...

I predict he will be a writer on international affairs. Be careful, there, Thing One, you can't win a Nobel Peace Prize trying to get yer brother in trouble!


Doug said...


Sar said...

He's got a knack for geography and world travel and he's an instigator. Isn't it clear? He's going to be a world leader! :)

Sar said...

And congratulations on being one of this weeks 5 caption finalists, Logo! You're going against Village Idiot, btw. Let the fun begin! :)

Egan said...

Maybe Thing One will become a weatherperson on the local news. Perhaps a triathlete?

snavy said...

He will find true love and ever-lasting happiness with a little red haired, brown-eyed girl from the east coast. Their mothers will be life-long friends and kick-ass grandmothers!!!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Thing one will be an international detective and an undercover agent for the U.S. government. He won't stand out in a hair just blends in everywhere.

Logophile said...

BS~ Thanks, and yeah, I would buy that, he told me recently that he wouldn't mind moving back overseas. He likes packing and unpacking, I am sure he will outgrow it.

Lime~ Good one, and if he does that he may be able to supported his aged mother in the manner to which she would like to become accustom.

Grunt~ That settles it, you are Thing One's new favorite blogger.

Egan~ Thanks, and you know you are right, he does!

Minka~ I like that! Know this song?
"Erik the awful, the brutal and tenacious,
Erik the awful turned up in the darnest places,
subtle as a chainsaw,
lacking all the social graces.
You could run but you could not hide"

Seamus~ How AWESOME would that be??

Egan~ Wonderful possibilities, but what is the money involved, are we talking major sponsors?

Snavy~ Awesome plan, I am loving it!

TLP~ I will see if he's like to buy a trench coat with the birthday money to get started in the right direction with that.

Damasta~ You tell 'em! Gawd knows I have and he doesn't listen to me!

Doug~ You made me snort, and Thing One deigned to bestow an eyeroll.
Well done!!

Sar~ World leader, and even at ten I doubt he could do worse than some we could mention.
And Coooool, the idiot doesn't stand a chance!

chosha said...

I can definitely see an eccentric inventor/explorer emerging from his depths. Ohhhh, you want something that sounds like a real job? Call it Industrial Design then. Town Planner maybe? ^_~