Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patrick's Day!

You have no one to blame but yourselves, you were kind about the last post about Ireland, so the AF decided it was time for part two.

This is the Ha'penny Bridge, so called after the toll for crossing the bridge. As you look at this photo the place I stayed was on the left, one the right side of the river is most of the good stuff, Temple Bar, etc. So I walked this bridge quite a few times.
This is a statue of St Patrick located on Tara, the ancient seat of Ireland's kings. On a clear day you can see all the counties of Ireland from the hill of Tara. There are ancient monuments, and lots of sheep dung, very atmospheric site. Patrick did some baptizing here according to legend.
This is Joyce Tower. The writer stayed here briefly and used it in one of his books (bonus points if you know which).
One of the best things about coming here, to me, was this chilly, rocky beach. After living on the Med for three years this Puget Sound native was soaking up the cold, salty breeze and the uniquely beautiful sound of breakers against stone instead of sand. It smelled, tasted, and sounded like home, with the added benefit of being Ireland, bonus!
Now, the thought has crossed my mind to sing you Dannyboy in an Audioblog, I will open the polls in the comment section and add one later if my commenters approve.
Also, question for next quiz, e-mail 'em folks!
AND tomorrow marks six months of blogging for me, can ya believe it?
Alright, have a good one!


lime said...

great pics, i so want to go there!! i am going to abstain in the voting.....

barefoot_mistress said...

We want to hear you sing! Yes, we do!

The Village Idiot said...

I take the fifth...of single malt

Crystal said...


Crystal said...


Egan said...

Love the pictures and stories. Thanks for sharing this with the blogosphere.

Sar said...

Happy half-blogiversary! Thank you for sharing the pictures and their descriptions. I've added Ireland to my wish list!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've got your Guiness chilling.

snavy said...

I left a comment here this morning and it is not here !! gggrrrr...

I do not like blogger but I adore you.

Very cool pics & Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

logo said...

Limey~ I want to go too!

Susie~ As you wish.

Idiot~ How many 5th did you have when you decided that hat was a good idea?

Crystal~ Hey! I am wearing green!
:-p and pinches to you too!

Egan~ You are all so very welcome.

Sar~Thanks! And when you get to Dublin make sure you drink the Guinness, it really is better there.

Snavs~ We adore you too! Happy St Pat's Irish lassy, mwah!

The Grunt said...

...the pipes are calling.

Doug said...

Happy (belated) St. Patrick's day!

You say you crossed the bridge many times. How many times walking and how many staggering?

I vote "Aye" on the Londonderry Air.

Teacher's pet said...