Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's been six months!!

To recap,

Damn you, Bob Barker, DAMN YOU!!


Monkey said...

Gotta watch that Bob Barker! :-)

barefoot_mistress said...

Ohhhhhh, I get it now! LOL

Egan said...

I must be missing something here. I do love all three of these things pictured. I see some updates were made on your blog. Looks good.

Ariella said...

Monkey~ Yes, must keep an eye out, that neutering bastard!

Susie~ :-D

Egan~ So glad things are starting to meet with your approval. Let me sum up the archives for you, Nutella good, deer eating from bird feeder bad, Bob Barker, that neutering bastard, BAD, Very BAD!!

Lily said...

congrats on 6 months of madness! woot!

and could you have found a scarier pic of the Barker? look at his cold calculating castrating eyes!

The Grunt said...

Nutella is divine. Logo, I think I got your bit of trivia right. Check it out and let me know.

snavy said...

Happy Six Months!!

Will Bob Barker's madness ever end???

logo said...

Lily~ That is the perfect pic, is it not? Nice to know our madness is enjoyed by others, w00t!

Grunt~Nutella is the food of the gods, we love it! And you nailed it!

Snavylyn~ Glad we joined you, you know, you are to be blamed we started this at all, so thank you!