Monday, March 27, 2006

Well, hello!

It has been suggested, by my friend Susie, among others, that I quit hiding behind my dog, which is a bit of a trick anyway, given her petite frame, and try writing a few posts all by myself like a big girl.
We'll see how it goes.
Since we have devoted Mondays to discussing those darn 101 things about me lists I thought I would throw mine out there and see what you had to say.
Be gentle.
1 I am 35
2 I was born on Whidbey Island, WA
3 My dad was in the military
4 My mom was a registered nurse
5 I have an older sister
6 I have a younger brother
7 I have middle child sydrome
8 I married an only child
9 I have a nine year old son (just barely)
10 I have a six year old son
11 I have lived in seven different places in my life
12 Three of those places are in Washington state
13 Two of those places were in Europe
14 I have only owned one American made vehicle
15 I have owned two Renaults, one BMW, one VW, two Subarus, one Toyota, and one Honda
16 I currently drive a Toyota mini-van and a Honda motorcycle
17 I think the motorcycle is more fun
18 I want a Yamaha V Star Classic 1100
19 I always wear protective gear, even for short rides in my neighborhood
20 I have a deep fear of road rash
21 I have had road rash
22 It hurt, but not as much as the accompanying injuries
23 I walked in front of a car going about 35 mph
24 I spent two weeks in the hospital
25 I didn't walk for a year
26 I am now I safety nazi
27 I still plan to go sky diving
28 I hardly ever wear a watch, or any jewelry for that matter
29 I drink a lot of tea
30 I also drink coffee
31 I am an information junkie
32 I love learning new things
33 I do alot of reading
34 I am currently rereading So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
45 I am quite fond of Shakespeare and Dr. Suess
46 I am a fan of Dave Sedaris
47 I am also enjoy McSweeney books
48 I recently finished Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans
49 I also recently finished Warrior in the Shadows
50 I already have the next book I am going to read
51 I want to read What If?
52 I got it for my dad on his birthday last year
53 He just loaned it to me
54 I spend alot of time on line, probably too much, but we are not opening a poll on that question
55 I don't watch very much TV
56 I fix our computer issues, do the appliance programming and occasionally get called on to assist others but refuse to regard myself as a techie, or geek or whatever.
57 This is mostly because I know some actual techheads and I am nowhere near their level of expertise...or geekiness
58 I have voted in every election since I turned 18
59 My choice for president only made it to office once
60 I am left handed
61 I am 5'5 tall
62 I started chatting online in 1996
63 My first online friend was from New Zealand
64 I did a minor renovation of my kids' bathroom summer before last
65 I did wiring and replaced moulding and the vanity myself
66 I faux finished the floor to look like pebbles, I am rather pleased with how well it turned out
67 I set all my clocks to exactly the correct time, according to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado
68 I have never watched an entire episode of Gilligan's Island or The Brady Bunch
69 I am not a morning person.
70 I own 10 pairs of jeans and two dress.
71 I didn't realize how good red wine could be until I lived in Italy
72 I was born on a Thursday, so was my husband and both my kids
73 When I was about one my sister broke the fingers on my right hand by shutting them in a door hinge
74 About a week after the cast came off my mom shut them in the car trunk
75 I have had my left cornea scratched twice (ages 9 and 11)
76 I looked dashing in an eye patch
77 I detached a muscle in my shoulder when I was 10, I was in a sling for several weeks (Pledge on floor, add socks and high velocity)
78 I broke my left thumb when I was 14, playing Capture the Flag
79 I am ever so slightly clumsy (you might have already concluded that)
80 I fidget...alot
81 I have great patience with kids and animals, less with adults, and next to none for inanimate objects
82 I don't have a poker face
83 I love playing trivia games
84 I have been married 15 years
85 I love being married, and I love him
86 I learned Greek when I lived in Greece
87 I learned Italian when I lived in Italy
88 I can't really speak either of them anymore
89 I used to do some ASL interpretation
90 I haven't really used it in years, I probably couldn't even sign a complete convo these days
91 I get a lil crazy if I don't get to spend enough time by myself
92 I tend to forget birthdays, anniversaries and appointments
93 I can't remember phone numbers
94 I find zoos depressing
95 I can't knit, crochet, or sew. I don't cook and I hate shopping
96 I do enjoy decorating though
97 I know how to change tires, oil, oil filters, air filters, and how to clean and gap spark plugs or replace them
98 I would rather have someone else do it
99 I don't have a visble birthmark
100 I rarely know what the date is
101 I have a magic eight ball, I love it and consult it often. I then do whatever I bloody well please.


schnoodlepooh said...

What a HUMAN you are! I 100% agree with #94 and very jealous of #70. Good for you. I think these kinds of lists are difficult to make.

Mrs. Weirsdo said...

Cheers from this clumsy, Thursday-born, read-a-lot lefty who likewise needs time to herself, has a son around 8-9, and is happily married.

lime said...

there now, that wasn't so hard was it? good list miss logo!

barefoot_mistress said...

It's a frigging miracle you made it through childhood, ya big klutz!

I didn't know you were left handed, so am I! :D

logo said...

Schnoodlepooh~ thanks! These lists CAN be tricky, hard to come up with that much stuff.

Weirsdo~ Great minds, finding each other on-line, it is a thing of beauty, is it not?

Thanks Limey! And I am quite pleased about my Beyonce result from your post thingee.

Susie~ I know! "Are you TRYING to kill yourself??" still echoes in my ears.

Seamus said...

Out of the doghouse - yay!

Excellent list! I suspect our presidential choice is the same one! :)

snavy said...

Welcome to your blog!! (hehe)

Great list lady - quite impressive!!

From what I've seen - you are very good at decorating.

DaMasta said...


Girl, I've been waiting for you to start blogging! Welcome! [By the way, you have a tag awaiting at Quesadillas].

I like 101. We are very similar on that one!

Logophile said...

Seamus~Everyone has been so nice, it is like I already know them!
(snicker snicker)

Snav~Thanks! I love decorating, it is one of the few domestic activities I truly enjoy, unfortunately, it is not the cheapest.

Damasta~ The best thing is, the magc 8 ball doesn't get pissy when you ignore its advice! Caught the tag, will post it tomorrow.

Egan said...

#93 is a lie.

babyjewels said...

I think what egan means is 93 is truthy. Plus I can totally see up his skirt. Nice panties, egan.

DaMasta said...

I have an 8 ball on top of my stove. People often wonder why it's there? It was orginally there because my kitchen is black and white motif, but it does serve a comical purpose. I always ask it, "Will [DaMasta] cook tonight?"

Usually it says, "Don't count on it."

Kyahgirl said...

Holy moly. Are you sure you're not my sister? I have three of them, there could be one more lurking around out there!

I'm with you on

No wonder I feel at home here. :-)
Nice to meet you logo.

Breazy said...

I also suffer from middle child syndrome. And the day of the week you all were born sounds like my family here is how it breaks down :
Mr. Breazy : monday
Breazy : tuesday
14 yr dau. : wednesday
10 yr dau. : thursday
8 yr son : friday

Good list Logo! It is good to learn more about you !

The Village Idiot said...

God Bless David and hes never ending quest to answer questions like

why do high end restaurants insiste on stacking you get a tower of meat at your table?

Thomas said...

You know everyone is just wondering what #102 is.

logo said...

Egan~ Nuh uh!

Babyjewels~ Is it a flower print thong?

Damasta~ I ask mine things like, "Will my children ever listen?"

Kyahgirl~ I am officially adopting you as my Canadian sister. Can I borrow your sweater Friday night?

Breazy~ Cool, instead of stacking one day you took the whole week, awesome!

Idiot~ That David is a funny, funny man.

Thomas~ That would be where I confess my obession with lawyers.

Egan said...

Let's just say it's pink okay? Thank you very much.

The Grunt said...

Awesome, nice to know you better.

logo said...

Egan~ I bet pink is really attractive with your skin tone.
Good choice!

Grunt~ Thanks! Not frightened at all?

Kyahgirl said...

Yay!! I would love to be your adopted sister. Seeing as how I live 'way up north' I have lots of nice sweaters to lend you.

Casper wants to know if this means that he and Ariella will get to play together more!

The Grunt said...

Sure, just a little bit.

logo said...

Kyahgirl~ Ariella would LOVE that!
Next time you head to Seattle you should let us know.

Grunt~ And do you like it?