Tuesday, March 28, 2006

First, Congrats to Village Idiot and Monika for high score with 80!
Weirsdo is our winner, at 70, and a lovely Odeo in which she played her violin for me.
She also regularly donates questions, she is teacher's pet.
So, next order of business, this week's edition of THE QUIZ.
No googling, keep your stick on the ice.

Next, we are celebrating a 10th BIRTHDAY!!

You've come a long way, baby!

Go check out the twin birthday princesses too, and wish them a good day as well!

And last, and least,

we have a meme

A tag from our favorite Quesadilla lover

Accent - No, I don't have one, but the rest of you sound funny
Booze of choice - I love me some wine
Chore I hate - cooking and dishes, thankfully Mr. Logo does those
Dog or cat - Yeah, I have a dog, for more details read the last six months of this blog. Cats make me sneeze
Essential electronics - PC, electric kettle (does that count?)
Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) – Clean, fresh scents mostly
Gold or Silver? – either, both, even at the same time
Hometown - Oak Harbor, WA
Insomnia? – Sometimes
Job Title – Queen of All She Surveys, AKA. mom, AKA. Hey, you there
Kids? - None for me thanks, I have two of my own
Living Arrangement - With the aforementioned two children and Mr. Logo
Most admired trait - my superlative driving skillz
Number of Sexual Partners - I suddenly have this desire to say something unkind about an elderly game show host for some reason, hmmmmm, how odd.
Overnight Hospital Stays - several
Phobia - clowns and carnies, they have small hands and smell of cabbage
Quote - In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination. Mark Twain
Religion - Real religion is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption.
Siblings - one of each
Time I wake up - 7:30ish, give or take 30 minutes
Unusual talent/skill - I can bend just the tips of my fingers, at the first knuckle
Vegetable I refuse to eat - anything slimy or squooshy, ack
Worst habit - wow, there are so many to choose from, hard to say, probably tuning the world out when I am engrossed in something
X-rays - yup, lots of 'em
Yummy foods I make - I order the best pizza evah!
Zodiac sign - Aquarius


Breazy said...

Happy Birthday Thing One ! The princesses are looking good for girls to be a year older ! Have a good day Logo.

Ps I would take the quiz but for some reason it isn't letting me in ! I will try again later !

lime said...

happy birthday thing one!

another abyssmal showing. today is not my day for quizzes apparently.

i am curious to know what advantages do you notice in being able to bend your fingers at the first knuckle? inquiring minds want to know.

logo said...

Breazy~ I thank you and Thing One thanks you!

Lime~ The Thing thanks you for getting the really important ones right. The finger thing, well...
You know that stage of life where you discover you can fold your eyelids in half, cross your eyes, and such? I discovered I could bend my fingers at the first knuckle. Handy for distracting others.

snavy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Thing One!!!!!!!

Kyahgirl said...

Happy Birthday Thing one!!

The Village Idiot said...

Happy b-day thing one..my you live a long and fruitful life filled with orange spikey hats and stuff!

DaMasta said...


Oh, I have the same bad habit. I will completely tune other people out when I'm concentrating on something. I have to make people repeat themselves because I didn't hear them and/or I was not paying attention. Sheesh... people get so uptight about that, too.


Doug said...


Phobia - clowns and carnies, they have small hands and smell of cabbage- I love that line

barefoot_mistress said...

Happy Birthday Thing One! Is your room clean? Hahaha! Just kidding.....

If you hear a knock at the door, it's the birthday clown that I send over...

and BTW, Oaty sucked at this weeks quiz.

Sar said...

Happy 10th Birthday Thing One!

(Logo - I wanted to send you an email, but you don't have your email posted. Find mine in my profile then email me!)

logo said...

Snavy~ Thanks from the Thing AND happy birthday to YOUR lil gals too.

Thanks Kyahgirl, hope you are recovered from the comment on brawl, I can't IMAGINE what I was thinking (snicker snicker)

Idiot~ I have high hopes for him, but who knows, maybe his future will feature orange spiky hats.

Damasta~ I choose to think of it as having incredible power of concentration. My family refers to it in less flattering terms.

Doug~ If you are going to have a phobia it should at least be amusing.

Bare~ You should let Rio take a crack at it, maybe she would do better. AND I JUST SAID I HAD A CLOWN PHOBIA, are you heartless?

Sar~ email on its way!

Thing One said...

I can't can't believe it, Logo let me live a whole decade!
(Scribe's note: mom objects to being referred to by this nickname by her child, but will allow it, as it is the little stinker's birthday and all.)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Happy birthday to thing one! I didn't do so hot on the quiz.

Lily said...

Happiest of birthdays to Thing One!

And...um... I think I might be offended by your phobia.

sniff sniff... I smell no cabbage.

jungle jane said...

happy birthday Little Logo.

What's a carnie?

Logophile said...

TLP~ You got a respectable score! And the Thing thanks you.

Lily~ Thanks, and hello!! You are the Ringmaster, we don't fear you, we adore you!! mwah!

Jane~ Thanks! And carnies are the folks who work at carnivals or circuses.

jungle jane said...

my score was amazing and i deserve to be worshipped:

1. i live in australia so the geography was hard
2. i am a new reader so had to guess a lot
3. i don't have children so the kids book questions were impossible.

i should have got the air pressure thingy right. i want to re-take the test.

Logophile said...

You ARE awesome!
I am impressed, deeply impressed.

Melliferous Pants said...

I admire any skill that ends in Z!

Logophile said...

Madame pants~ that is only as it should be.
I admire any name that ends in pants.

schnoodlepooh said...

Happy b-day to the Thing. He looks so cute with Ariella.

Lily said...

Oh. I'm adored. Then all is as it should be and I am pleased.

It's good to be Ringmaster.

Logo said...

Schnoodlepooh~ Thanks, he is awfully cute, isn't he? Course, keeping attractive company doesn't hurt either.

Lily~ If her majesty the ringmaster is pleased, then we are pleased (and yes, that is a royal we, as in we are a royal pain in the @$$).

Teacher's pet said...

Cute birthday boy! I'm guessing he's your brother?

Miss Innocent said...

Happy Birthday Thing One!

**Note to Mom...you know it just gets worse from here, riiight?! j/k My son is almost 12 and I still like him 98% of the time! The other 2%...well lets just say those are the days I tend to want to drink hard liquor in large amounts! lol

Your son really is bright, bold, and beautiful...Keep up the good work!

Logo™ said...

Teacher's Pet~ Awwww, you always know just what to say. He is cute, and sweet on occasion as well!

Miss Innocent~ Thanks!! The 2% times are tough, but the rest of the times are great, so we will keep him...for now.

The Grunt said...

Happy B-Day Thing One!

Logo said...

Grunt~ Thanks!

Minka said...

NO! I don´t wanna talk about it!

logo said...

Minka- Why?