Thursday, March 09, 2006

HNT~ Poetry in motion, or at least a limmerick...

Here is Thing One, I don't have any idea what he thought he was doing but this has some serious blackmail potential in the years to come, SCORE!
Here is Thing Two, look at that concentration, he is is chasing down his brother to pummel him, he is smaller but fiercely determined, oh, and vicious, no contest. Our only hope is that societal norms set in before he outweighs the Alphas.

Just looking at those pictures is exhausting, isn't it?

Hope you have an awesome Thurday AND, today is a big day on the hijacked blog.

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Breazy said...

great pics ! Happy HNT!

barefoot_mistress said...

Hey I know what Thing One is doing, it's called a grande jete! Yep, show that to his girlfriends in a few years!

Happy HNT Ariella and family!

Mark Leslie said...

Great action shots - too bad they're waaay to young to remember the Six Million Dollar Man, because that's what both shots remind me of (okay, not the skipping one so much, but I'm sure Steve Austin skipped when Jamie Summers wasn't looking)

Happy HNT!

Lee Ann said...

Oh, those are wonderful pictures!
Happy HNT!

Miss Innocent said...

Happy HNT! Loved the shots, he is such a little cutie!

(Keep for blackmail, most definitely! Moms need all the help we can get!)

Cole the Lab says, "Woof, Woof, Bark, Hooowl" to Ariella!

And Hijacked is rocking today!!

bsoholic said...


Happy HNT

lime said...

great stuff! ariella wants to chase, no? happy HNT!

Sunny Delight said...

love these photos! HHNT! Boys are so cute!

Egan said...

HNT rocks. I think your kids are adorable. Have a wonderful Wednesday/Thursday.

Doug said...

Thing 2 looks like The Incredible Hulk in his picture. Thing 1 will absolutely rather build you a house at 30 than let you pass that picture around but I have to say, the boy's got hops.

Ariella and Logo said...

Thanks everyone, we think they are awfully cute too.

A Grand Jete?? Oh my stars, are you trying to scar the child??

I will definitely pass on the 6 Million Dollar Man bit, they may not have seen it, but everyone loves being compared to an action hero!

Ariella says... Right back at ya, baby!

Miss Innocent~
We have naked bathrub pictures too!

When the Things try to run with the actual expert they very quickly find out that four legs offer more stability. It is so easy to take out a running child, bump, splat, mwah hah hah hah!

Isn't HNT the BOMB!?! And you have yourself a good day too!

Logophile said...

Doug~ Is that the voice of experience speaking? Should I be getting in touch with mama and coaxing her for some incriminating photos? Hmmm, the possibilities!

snavy said...

Ariella - lovely as always. And, my, what cute Things you've got there!!


The Village Idiot said...

HIram Chittenden Rocks!

Egan said...

Cheers and happy HNT!

Scott & Julia said...

Ariella, I'm surprised you're not out there chasings the two things around. Or are you better than that? ;) Happy HNT from the crazy Beagles!

logo said...

Thanks, Snav!

It's all true.


Rocco Manley said...
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Egan said...

Merci mon amie.

DaMasta said...


Fun HNT!


Roximoon said...


Ariella said...

Damasta, Roxie
Thanks for stopping by!

Ariella said...

I almost missed you, le gasp!
When I run with them they spend alot of time picking themselves up off the ground, heh heh heh

Sar said...

Happy belated HNT!