Thursday, March 30, 2006

HNT~ We are sooooo strict.

Yes, it is true, I don't allow the dog to ride the motorcycles. I am just cruel that way. Maybe when we get that sidecar. It is that time of year again though, the weather is warming and and when we get a nice dry day, it is perfect for taking a ride. In this pic we are on Mr. Logo's Harley, for a pic of my cute lil red Reb click here.

It's Thursday again, if you aren't half-nekkid
(click rotating button in links)
then at least be naked under your clothes.
It hardly ever hurts at all, promise.


Breazy said...

nice bike , nice dog and pretty woman ! What else does a person need ! LOL! Happy HNT!

Sar said...

You are a collective vision in black.

bsoholic said...

Vroom vroom! Weeeeee!

happy HNT

Seamus said...

I'm always nekkid under my clothes! HHNT! :)

DesignGal said...

That is a beautiful dog you have there.....adorable.

DaMasta said...


I can't see the dog.. where's the dog? ;)


The Grunt said...

Sweet bike, I need one. I need to get me a dog, too.

Egan said...

Wow, this is the sexiest thing I have seen on this blog in a few weeks. I remember some picture on this blog that no longer shows.

Callie said...

Very cool!!! Dude, you must be so stoked?!!?!

I'm liking the lace-up top too - tres sexy!!!

Lily said...

Ooooh biker babes! Hot Ridin Mamas!

The only time it hurts to be nekkid under clothes... is when you wear button fly jeans sans panties in 40 below weather.... THAT hurts.

barefoot_mistress said...

Sheesh the sun shines just even a little and out comes the little vixen in you! Tramp! :P

LOL, Happy HNT, Ariella and Milf mama!

Logo™ said...

Breazy~ Thanks, what else could a person POSSIBLY need?! I agree

Sar~ Thanks, black is back on top as the new black I hear.

BS~ If you make it out west I will let you ride the back seat, and I will even call it that, just for you.

Seamus~ I am shocked, such wild carrying on, you man tart! Running around naked under your clothes.

Designgal~ Thanks, we like her!

DamastaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaa~ She is the little dark bit in front of the bike :p

Grunt~ I am not a huge Harley fan myself, but it is not a bad bike as Harley's go. And the dog is awesome.

Lily~ That DOES sound painful, shall make a point of avoiding those kinds of temps.

Bare~ Aw, you say the sweetest things to me, sugah mouth.

Egan~ I have no recollections of what you are talking about.

Callie~ Tres sexy is what we are all about, not to mention all the protection the lace up top offers in case of accident. No one should ride without it!

schnoodlepooh said...

what a cutie in black!

Cpt. Garth Maul said...

You're right, Ariella. Terrible oppression. Send her to Camp Pussycat! They'll straighten her out.

Thomas said...

What are you up to this weekend?

lime said...

holy cow, how did i miss this yesterday?? sorry! happy belated HNT!

Logo said...

schnoodlepooh~ Thanks!

Garth~ Don't encourage her, she has enough of an attitude on her own.

Thomas~ Little of this, little of that, lying around on leopard skin blankets artfully nibbling grapes, you know, the usual.

Lime~ It is a repeat from ages past, no worries, yours however, was something altogether new, good for you!

Thomas said...

Need company?

Logo said...

Thomas, all applicants for the grape peeler position start the interview process by sending their address, phone number and detailed physical description to Mr. Logo.