Thursday, March 23, 2006

HNT~Its spring!

It has begun. The Skagit Valley is blooming, and while this may not mean much to most of you, to us it means the travel time to Whidbey Island is about to double. Stupid flower gawkers clogging the road, ggggggrrrrrr.

Here I am in my half nekkid splendor.

Lastly, as promised, here is the pic taken of the new AF hair doooo, not much different, but shorter by several inches and considerably less wild looking in general. There ya go, Snav, you finally get to see it!

Happy HNT.

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snavy said...

TY -- I love the new doooo!!! Soooo pretty!!

Ariella - lovely as always!!

Happy HNT!!!!

Seamus said...

Wow! The lovely AF face! Love the do! HHNT from a "reformed flower gawker/clogger". :D

Christa said...

Happy Spring and Happy HNT!!

Breazy said...

beautiful flowers, beautiful dog and beautiful hair ! Happy HNT!

Mark Leslie said...

Aw. c'mon, I know you really want to stop and smell the flowers with the flower gawkers.....

lime said...

love the new do, babe. you and ariella are adorable. happy HNT!

barefoot_mistress said...

Cute haircut, Logo, and I must say, I am glad your tongue and hands grew back, you werent looking too good over there at Hijacked! LOL

Happy HNT!

logo said...

Snav~ Sorry it took so long to show you, if I had realized how long it would be I would have taken a better picture!

Seamus~ Glad you reformed! It is so gorgeous it hard to blame them when we are here in our house, when I am on the flats, it is incredibly easy.

Christa, Breazy~ Thanks, and to you two too!

Mark~ I would love to stop and smell the roses, it is just dealing with everyone ELSE who wants to do it that gets to me :p

Lime~ Thanks! Adorable... will add that to my collection with "cute".
Why does no one call me chic? Stunning? Willowy? tee hee hee
OK, so I know why, but a gal can dream.

Susie~ Man, the Hijacked blog HNT is awesome this week, I think.
Yes, I do look better with my hands and tongue, oh, and by the way, manufacturers of fake blood should mention if it will stain your face for days, good grief!

The Grunt said...

Well, now I have a reason for being half naked on a Thursday. I'll have to come up with another excuse for the rest of the week, though.

I don't blame all those people for wanting to go there. Those flowers are pretty.

The Village Idiot said...

Huh.,..I don't get it

bsoholic said...

Great new dooooo AF! Looks like Ariella might of got a trim too?

Happy HNT

Lily said...

Logo my dear.... you look absolutely swanky!

That's my personal favorite. Never been called cute but I'm swanky.

uh huh.

And I'm very jealous of your curls by the way.

Happy HNT!

DaMasta said...

Love it, girly!

You always have this deviant little smirk on your face.. hmm...

LOL.. Happy HNT!

Egan said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Half Half Nekkid Nekkid Thursday Thursday.

I love HNT so much I had to say it twice.

Teacher's pet said...

Hard to know which flower is the most gorgeous here. But I have to go with Logo.

barefoot_mistress said...

Ok, Im laughing that you have fake blood stains on your face and hands! Hahahaha!

Thanks for ...ya know! :X

(yeah yeah she says!)

Minka said...

Both of you curls! Just lovely. I am so jeallous! Love teh red as well. natural colour and curls?

logo said...

Grunt~ be nekkid at will! In fact, tiptoe nekkid through the tulips, at least THAT would be worth the people slowing down and pointing!

Idiot~ I will explain it all very slowly to you...later.

BS~ Thanks, and yes, good eye! Ariella has had a trim since her last photo too.

Lily~ Swanky...I like it! Thanks!

Damasta~ :-D and if you only knew why, then you would really wonder.

Egan~ Anything I can do to brighten your days, just tell me.

Weirsdo~ Thanks for the Q for next week and the lovely compliment, you are SOOOO good at being teacher's pet!

Susie~ You are cruel, laughing at me like that :p
And you are always very welcome, you know that!

Minka~ Yup, that is the real me, although I am thinking of trying out blondeness this summer, I dunno.