Friday, March 17, 2006

this is an audio post - click to play


Egan said...

Not at all what I was expecting your voice to sound like. Great accent, although it was tough to hear you. Speak up.

Your singing voice is good. I was actually hoping you would sing longer. You were so nervous with this recording.

logo said...

I don't think it sounds much like I expected me to sound either.

Sar said...

Yaaaaaaaaay Logo!!!

Your accent and singing voice were hella better than you gave yourself introductory credit for. And you and your young Thing sing well together - what a fun song! Good for you!!

Lily said...

Woman! First off that is MY favorite joke... but I tell it with Ole.. a norwegian voice... and a pig.

Princess and I were singing right along with you... LOVE the Pirates!

Now I'm off to have some Capn crunch

Minka said...

Knew that jokes. there is an Irish bloke I know and we always tell teh joke together to anybody who can be bothered to hear :)
That audio post was just surreal and am I right in assuming that eithe rthing 1 or 2 helped you out with the melody in teh second song?

logo said...

Hey Egan, take note how I am going to comment to EVERYONE who graced me with their words.

Sar~Thanks, I wasn't sure how bad it would be, better to lower expectations right off the bat.

Lily~ Great minds, girlfriend!

Minka~ Yes, That was Thing One singing with me. The accent is not quite right, don't let your friend hear!

snavy said...

Never heard that joke before - lol!!!

I'm so glad you sang!! Very nice!!!

Logo said...

Snav~ Heh heh, it was so fun to have the Irish guy teach it to me. The people at his table made me honorary Irish because I sang THEM Dannyboy, it was so fun!

lime said...

i just have one thing to say to that....well maybe two.....where's my hairbrush and .....i love my lips!