Friday, August 24, 2007

Flash Fiction in 55 words

From my perch above the beach I saw the tenuous wisps of fog trailing ghostly tendrils along the cliff and shore as they disappeared, swallowed in clouds of vapor.
Distant fog horns blared as ferries and ships cautiously made their way through familiar waters now made strange. Not lost yet still not knowing the way.
In other news, we are going on an impromtu weekend bike trip. If you see anyone carrying the TV out of the house would you please call the cops? Ok, thanks, see ya later!


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Holy cow! Great flash, Lo. I was there...!
On the other topic, I will send positive vibes to protect the homestead while you are gone...enjoy your trip, be safe, and take pictures for us.

S said...

Have fun, and I do need a tv....

Thanks for playing 55 with us, missy.

ARM said...

Have fun! Don't you have to worry about Egan stealing your mower?

Pauline said...

Great 55!

goldennib said...

Have fun. Your story was very mysterious.

lime said...

well have a great time

G said...

Drop it where you stand! Oops wrong thing to say to a burglar with a TV in hand.

Enjoy your ride!

The Grunt said...

Have fun storming the castle!

egan said...

The best bike trips are those impromptu ones. I hear there's a vandal running around your island.

Logophile said...

Blue~ Thanks! You know just how to compliment a writer, that felt good. The trip was great and the TV was here when we arrived home :D

Susie~ Oh good, well, any way I can be of service, just let me know

Amanda~ He all pre-occupied with the baby right now. I'll worry next summer

Pauline~ Thanks!

Goldennib~ Its because my mind is hazy.

Lime We did!

G~ Don't listen to the PSAs?? You are NOT suppose to confront them! Just call the police, sheesh! Independent sassy woman :p

Grunty~ Oh we did, thanks

Egan~ Stay away from my mower, dammit