Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's been a week

that I've been sans bebes. We've managed to get to the movies and eat out a couple times, we even got some stuff done. Mr. Logo installed a new screen door on the front of the house.
Innit purty? We also did some shopping and found a night stand for Mr. Logo that goes with our room. He even has drawers to keep stuff in, oooooooo.
With no Things here to distract me I actually got to read four, count them, FOUR books!
So I shall be arising early and heading off to fetch my young.


S said...

Four books, no way!
Um that new screen door is covering up the orange, and i love the end table!

Seamus said...

When I first read "...and found a night stand for Mr. Logo..." I thought it said, "...and found a one night stand for Mr. Logo..."
I thought you were being mighty generous until I reread it! LOL!

goldennib said...

Wow, a whole week. I bet it was a bit weird.While I always enjoyed some time off but it was a little lonely too.

Cool night stand.

Lucky you - four books in one week. Yum.

ARM said...

4 books? I'm a tad jealous.

Love the door! I want a screen door!

weirsdo said...

What a wonderful vacation idea.
Now that Mall Diva will be leaving in three years and Toyplayer will be going to school in four, I am thinking about getting things done too.

TLP said...

Great night stand!

Read four books,huh? Good use of your time I'd say.

Balou said...

What a nice vacation. I bet the elder parents will read books next week too. ;) Which was your favorite book?

lime said...

ooooooo, 4 books, most impressive. what did you think of running with scissors? i've been considering that one...

Airam said...

4 books!! Wow .. you're my hero!

Logophile said...

Susie~ way! The door doesn't cover any more than the white one did, you can still see the orange and he seems pretty fond of his night stand too.

Seamus~ I'm a giver, but I don't give him THAT :p

Goldennib~ Yah, I kinda miss the little turkeys but the reading time has been awesome.

Arm~ Well, ya know, none of them were Harry Potter :p My new screen door has a hinge thing that works and it is all lined up on the track and EVERYTHING! Love it.

Weirsdo~ First thing though, make sure that is really what you want to do because the doing nothing for a while is pretty fabuous too!

TLP~ He did pick a good one, the man has taste, in furniture AND women.

Balou~ The Book of Fate was not bad, your typical innocent-sucked-into-a-world-of-intrigue kind of a deal but a good one of the genre, the reddish one was a suspense take on a romance novel and it was ok, brain candy, ya know?
Seeing Voices is non-fiction, about Deafness and sign language and Running with Scissors is about an interesting young man who grows up with a mentally ill mother, a father who rejected him, a therapist who adopted him and how twisted they all were. Made me sad.

Lime~ He writes well, he is amusing, thinking about his story makes me want to cry.

Airam~ I was like a starving woman, ok, it had to be done, for my survival. Unfortunately I picked three of them at the teeny tiny local branch of our library system and there was not alot of selection.

furiousBall said...

I dig that nightstand with nine shovels

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Love that you had some adult time, good goin. 4 books? Way to go. You must feel great having time to yourself. The new door is gorgeous. Love that dark colour. And the nightstand is divine! LOVE it.

p.s. Can't visit ARM, can't get onto her site. Am I the only one? Have I been banished from ArmLand???

snavy said...

Can I borrow Running with Scissors?

cindra said...


I always miss my kids for three days, enjoy the time alone finally at the fourth day...cos i get the hang of it...then they get home, dang it!

Logophile said...

Furiousball~ Clearly you are a man of superior taste... and shovelling ability.

Gillian~ Ya know, Typepad has given me a hard time once or twice here lately. Amanda password protected it but sometimes I can't get the sign in, very odd.

Snavy~ Its a library book but I have some scissors you can run with if you want?

Cindra~ Yay is about right, ooooh yes. Im glad to have them home though.

Ann(ie) said...

I love the nightstand. And 4 books!!? Isn't is crazy what you can accomplish sans kids??? I only have one. Lord help my sanity with two!