Monday, August 13, 2007

It's International Lefthanders' Day!

Here is the official site for the day.
Thankfully no one is stoning us lefties these days, burning us at the stake or such things,
thank you, by the way, it's appreciated.
However, there is still some educating to do. Please, for the love of all that is holy, buy your lefties some left-handed scissors and STOP attaching pens to the right side of counters with a string so short lefties can't use them!
Ok, I'm done now.

Oh, and if your interested they've all manner of quizzes and such on that website.
Now I will mention a couple of my favorite left handed people:

Lewis Carroll

Leonardo Da Vinci

M.C. Escher

Here is a modern tribute...

and also...

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins

Kurt Cobain

and David Byrne of the Talking Heads

OH, and Susie, and Jocelyn and kyahgirl too!

Go forth and do something left handed!


Balou said...

You are in good company. Makes me want to change teams.

somewhere joe said...

I suspect you're left-brained too. But are you right or left eyed? Here's the test. Point your finger quickly and spontaneously at a smallish object (say a baseball cap or a cell phone) a few feet away. Hold your finger there. Now close each eye in succession. Does your finger stay on, or jump away from, the object? The eye that coordinates most accurately with your finger is your favored eye.

Oh, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Breazy said...

I will have to tell my husband about this, he is a lefty! I always make sure that Mr. B has his own pen when he goes into a bank or where ever they have the pens on a chain.

Happy Left Handers Day!

goldennib said...

I'm doing something with my left hand right now. Can you guess what it is? ; D

Have a fun sort of lefty day.

G said...

Happy Lefties Day! I have a brother who is a lefty - I'll have to pass it on.

Something left handed, hmmmm...

G said...

By the way - loved the post as well. Lefties rock!

S said...

Left eyed AND left handed.

I got a left handed revlovah and some bags of cement I wanna offload. Ya aint got anyone ya wanna dump in da east rivah do ya?

Don't tell em Lefty sencha~

furiousBall said...

I was always so jealous of the lefties in little league, with their God given natural curve that killed batters.

ARM said...

I can only do 2 things left-handed....

lime said...

happy lefthanders day!

i often drive lefthanded. i scratch between my shoulderblades lefthanded. my sink and dish drainer are set up left handed too. does any of that count?

weirsdo said...

Toyplayer and I too!
Is either of the Things lefthanded?

S said...

I knew it! I knew weirdso had to be a lefty!
I am making everyone shake my left hand today.
Ya never know where it's been though, thats the thing.

Little Rita is also a lefty did you know?

Diesel said...

Me too, Logo! You left me off the list.

My right hand is like a vestigial appendage, useful only for opening jars.

I never used left-handed scissors, but those pens do piss me off. Makes me want to yank them off the chain.

The Grunt said...

Why was I born with this cursed right handedness!!!

Logophile said...

Balou~ Aw, we like you just the way you are!

Joe~ I have do have some left brained tendencies but it's all mixed together. It IS a beautiful day though, indeed it is.

Breazy~ Mr. Logo is always very thoghtful about my left handedness too, making sure we sit so as not to bump elbows, etc.

Goldennib~ You have a lefty sort of day too!

G~ Glad you enjoyed it. Try mousing left handed. It kills me when I have to use a public computer with short corded mouse so I can't switch it to the correct (left) side :p

Susie~ :p You can keep those, thanks

Furiousball~ I hate the fact I got walked so much because I threw the pitchers off

Arm~ I can shift a car right handed

Lime~ Because of injury I now am more right inclined that I usta was, and yes, the lefty kitchen totally counts.

Weirsdo~ That's right, you are! No, neither of the Things inherited it, I was quite sad about that.

Susie~ Oh of course she is, all the best geniuses are!

Diesel~ OK, I love my left-handed scissors, so much easier and the paper cooperates better. Hail, fellow lefty

Grunty~ Its ok, I still luffs ya

Kyahgirl said...

yay for us! someday we will rule the world! xoxo

G said...

Wow, that chyrstallized it for me!

Logophile said...

Kyahgirl~ Resistance is futile ;)

G~ That is how I feel about it too!