Monday, August 20, 2007


Here is Ariella sitting in her favorite spot. You may not see as much of her around here but she is still up to the same tricks.
Here she is resisting the urge to chase rabbits, but she really, really wanted to chase the wee buggers.
Here is Ariella on our newly painted back deck.
Is she not precious??
Oh, and the deck looks great too.
Sometimes her bangs get in her eyes and she gets a rasta look going.
Here is what we had for dinner, strawberry and blueberry shortcake.
This is what happens when you ask Logo to cook for you.
Here is Thing Two with his Robo-reptile.
He digs it the most. Here is a Lego™ creation of Thing Oneand here is the face he makes when he is trying not to laugh at his goofy mom who is not cooperating with his attempts to be dignified. This face proceeded extended gales of laughter.

OK, that is enough cuteness for a while.

I will see if I can find something snarky for tomorrow,

as you were.


S said...

I wanna have dinner at your house!

goldennib said...

Great pictures. My puppy is always trying to get him some bunnies, too.

lime said...

there is too much cuteness going on around here! i hardly recognize the place!

nonetheless a big awwwwwww is earned.

bsoholic said...

Awwww Ariella is a big sweety!

Pretty cool lookin' lego creations there too!

Diesel said...

It looks like Ariella's tail is frayed at the end. Is she unraveling?

neva said...

will you cook for me?

ADORABLE pictures, my friend!! loveloveloved 'em ALL!! almost too much cuteness. "almost", but not quite! ; ) xox

ARM said...

Logo? Will you cook for me?

Dammit...others have asked as well.

Ok...Thing One looks older since the last picture you posted of him. What's that about?

Dorky Dad said...

Ooo! Will you cook for me? Will you cook for me? PLEEEEEEAASE???

Logophile said...

Susie~ Come on over!

Goldennib~ She is very offended that I don't let her chase the wildlife.

Lime~ I know, its amazing I can wake up every morning and face it all.

BS~ Yup, she is a keeper and I tell you what, those Things are Lego MANIACS

Diesel~ Yes, send duct tape

Neva~ Alright, fine, but only because you lovelovelove the pics of my cuties :D

Arm~ Thing One is sprouting like a fricking sunflower, its insane and yes, I would also not really cook for you too.

Dorky Dad~ Good grief, I had no idea the non-cooking was so popular. Sure, come on over!

Pauline said...

Ariella is sweet, what breed is she? At first I thought poodle but I'm not entirely sure.

G said...

It's a veritable cutefest! Glad I caught it.

Logophile said...

Pauline~ She is a Portuguese Water Dog, and to judge by her take on the matter, descended from a royal line.

G~ It's nearly unbelievable, now if only they were well behaved as well :p