Sunday, August 19, 2007

While at a meeting last week...

I arrived again at the realization that I don't fit in so much with a lot of the people with whom I end up spending time. I think most of us feel that way, at least from time to time but that's ok, who wants to be just like everyone else? So as I was sitting in this meeting and longing for the sweet oblivion of death I was thinking of a convo I recently had with a gal pal in which we discussed how we don't quite fit in anywhere.
Too this for the thats and too that for the thises.
Oh well, I gotta be me!

Anyway, once again, I thought I would share some shirts from a fun little site because I like the slogans:
I'm not which side of the NRA/anti-gun debate would be more annoyed by this shirt which just makes me like it more.

Now, before you read this next one please bear in mind that I am first and foremost a tea drinker, although I do love coffee, but if I am going to drink coffee, I want it full strength and fully loaded, otherwise, what exactly is the point?

Last but not least, an obscure attack on a cultural icon.

It is amazing to me how many people don't know about this. Most people either don't know anything about it or believe lemmings do commit mass suicide.

Anyway, I thought I would share those with you all,
just because I care.


Ann(ie) said...

Those are hysterical. I particulary like the gun one!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

You are such a giver. God bless you!

goldennib said...

What's fitting in?

Lemmings...I didn't know. No, really, I didn't.

neva said...

loving these t-shirts! hopefully, i can stop laughing long enough to buy one (or two... because, did i mention i loveloveLOVE 'em? thinkin' my sons will, too!)

too funny, girlfriend. thanks for the link... and for the laughs! perfect way to start -- what seemed only minutes ago to be, a less-than-promising week! : )

Rhea said...

Love the one about guns. The Disney thing, I know it, but I still can't truly accept it.

S said...

...why am I such a misfit.....

personally I can do without the coffee and the leather....thank you my dear

lime said...

i do liek the gun one. hehehe. and i am no educated regarding disney...that is quite disturbing really.

furiousBall said...

I love that first one. Totally my style too, take a serious issue, make fun of both sides. Disturb or confuse them all.

Hobbes said...

I have scheduled my life to have no more meetings ever, for similar reasons.
Loved the lemming link. Seems like a story that would have appealed at the height of the Cold War.

Variant E said...

All meetings are the place to long for the sweet oblivion of death. In fact, meetings are like the preview of hell. In fact, you probably have to have a meeting to determine whether you go into hell.

The Grunt said...

The same thing is true with Mountain Dew.

Logophile said...

Ann~ Me too, good stuff
funkaspuck is a fun site.

Mr Fab~ She does

Goldennib~ Ive never done it myself but I hear there are those who do.

Neva~ Anything I can do to help ease you into the week.

Rhea~ Its all true, ALL TRUE :p

Susie~ Want some lemmings instead?

Lime~ It is, isn't it?

Furiousball~ Ooooh yeah, I like it too.

Hobbes~ No more meetings,, Id like that.

Variant E~ You mean there is an interview process to get into hell?? FUCK THAT NOISE! Im changing my ways, right now!!

Grunt~ Oooh my stars, are you kidding me/ They herded Mountain Dew off cliffs? Oh the humanity!

ARM said...

Heh heh...the guns one makes me giggle. And it makes me think of that awesome orange shirt in Happy Gilmore...where it says, "Guns don't kill people...I kill people"

I didn't know about the lemmings either...interesting.

Logophile said...

Arm~ If I can entertain, education and frighten in one day, taht is a trifecta as far as I can tell!

Candace said...

Those are all great! The Lemmings one really got me going. ^_^ And the bullets one. OK and the sex one, too. Muahahahahaha!!!

Logophile said...

Candace~ :P Yeah, I know just whatcha mean, that is why I had to post all three.