Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our weekend trip

We left here after Mr. Logo arrived home from work and headed out across the mountainings. We stayed in a cute little log cabin place.

The Things were quite happy to stay in bed a while and watch TV.

They also enjoyed the pool.

Here you see Thing One attempting to convince me he is drowning in the three foot end.Next you see Thing Two paddling through the deep end after jumping into the 8 foot end. With his life jacket he is completely fearless.
I sat beside the pool and painted my toe nails.
Then we went to a book store, OF COURSE! I love going to bookstores. I even loved going to bookstores in Italy where I could really only comfortably read the children's books. So we can't go on vacation anywhere, not even eastern WA without stopping to look at books.
Thing One found a book that sang to his soul...
Evil Genius.
Thing One found some fascinating stuff to read as well.

Winthrop evidently thinks of itself as a frontier town.Thing Two decided to get into the spirit of the place,
and even Thing One got into it.
We also stopped by a fish hatchery where we got to feed some trout. That was quite amazing. The Things got to see Coho and Chinook salmon, and Steelhead trout. They have over a million fish and watching the fish go crazy for food was very entertaining. Thing One is has decided to look into that as a career.Back in bustling downtown Winthrop the Things mounted up while waiting for their sweeties from Sheri's Sweet Shop.
It was a lovely trip, unfortunately on the way home the poor little Sporty ran out of gas...again.
Then it started to rain.
Well, it all worked out. We all arrived home healthy and eventually warm and dry.
Good times.
Maybe we should do it again next weekend.


lime said...

i think my favorite shot is thing one and his book. i can almost hear the maniacal cackling he must have let loose with.

goldennib said...

Sounds like a fun and well rounded trip.

ARM said...

Ha! Your kids crack me up. I love the Evil Genius book...I think that would be a good b-day present for my evil friend.

I always have to go to a bookstore while on vacation, too. You have to. It's the law. AT least, that's what I tell Mr. ARM.

Did Mr. Logo get into the spirit of Winthrop? Where's the picture of him riding the fake bull?

egan said...

I haven't been to Winthrop in quite some time. This post has inspired me.

S said...

Well now, I think Ill saddle up my pony and head on out to Winthrop, the frontier town, yee haw!

Next time, tell Rusty to bring a full gas can, eh?

Variant E said...

You know; I think I might just be able to ride in those saddles put over the wood posts. It would be pretty hard to pull a Christopher Reeve on those.

Em said...

Looks like a very nice weekend!

Logophile said...

Lime~ Oh yes, you know it.

Goldennib~ It was definitely a good time.

Arm~ They crack me up too, and yes, Mr Logo doesnt object to the book store stops, in fact, he even anticipates them. He could totally tell we were going to be crossing the street to go in there.

Egan~ It's fun, you gotta get over there soon.

Susie~ I will pass on that tip.

Variant E~ There is no end to what can be accomplished with some determination, don't limit yourself, man!

Em~ It was indeed.

actonbell said...

A great time was had by all:) It's great to find bookshops. I'm particularly intrigued by some of the smaller used book shops--never know what you'll find there.

tsduff said...

Sorry you ran out of gas: I've only run out of gas once on my Sportster... and that was only because the original peanut tank was still on.

Diesel said...

We're the same way. On one trip, we stopped at every thrift store and used book store between here and Tahoe.

cindra said...

It looks like a ton of fun! I love hearing/reading/seeing about it...thanks for sharing!


What the hell are you feeding those boys? They are growing like weeds...or like well fed healthy male humans! Alarming!

Minka said...

To go for a weekend with you lot, sounds like a lot of fun. Amazing family you got there. No doubt, part of it is your doing :)

A log cabin with a swimming pool? That can't be right?!

TLP said...

All the makings of a perfect trip! I agree on bookstores. They MUST be visited on trips in order for the sun to come up tomorrow.

It's a great thing that thing one and two also like to read. A true blessing.

Doug said...

Definitely, Evil Genius. Thing 1 reminds me a little of Wile E. Coyote.

Seamus said...

I just love Winthrop! Looks like an excellent time...with a bookstore to boot!

Logophile said...

Actonbell~ That is so true. Unfortunately some of them are sooo dusty, and I am allergic to dust. Some of them are wtih the sneezes though.

Tsduff~ My V Star doesn't really have that problem so at least one of us can run ahead to a gas station.

Diesel~ Yup, a whole different take on seeing the sights when you do it our way.

Cindra~ Im not sure if it is the crack or the speed.

Minka~ What fun is a log cabin without a pool?!?! :p Ok, so maybe that part was not authentic frontier-ness.

TLP~ Yes, it is a moral imperative and it may in fact have an effect on the end of the world, I agree.

Doug~ Oooh yes, good association, I see the likeness.

Seamus~ Winthrop is good fun, we say a shirt, "Winthrop~ A good drinking town with a serious hiking problem" :p

neva said...

wowie! fantastic post! thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures, girlfriend, now i can live vicariously through you and your family (this will come in handy, since we probably won't go anywhere exciting, ourselves... at least not anytime soon, if at all. waaah!) : )