Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School daze, school daze!

I have received MOUNTAINS of books, and art supplies, and CDs, and workbooks, and games, and science experiment materials, and I am getting organized for our new school year.
Right now I am fighting with our Spanish program which I am EXCESSIVELY excited about and which is being COMPLETELY uncooperative. Color me frustrated (that is a very unbecoming shade, let me tell you!).

In other news, we went to bed with the windows open and it is now freezing cold in my house. I have a hot cup of tea to warm my hands and inside and a polar fleece jacket and thick socks on. There is something about that and it being the middle of August that seems odd together.

Thing Two has to go back to the dentist this morning to get some sealants on his teeth. He asked me, with a very mischievous grin, if I would give him candy if he was good for the dentist. That child is troublemaker. I have no idea where he gets it, must be his dad.

It annoys me that Blogger's spellcheck does not know the correct form for the plural of CD.
One compact disc is a CD and more than one compact disc would be CDs.
There is no need for an apostrophe, it is not a contraction or a possessive, they are NOT CD's.
My spelling is, on occasion, quite atrocious, there are times when my typos on this blog are appalling and my grammar is lackadaisical around here in the extreme. Most of you are kind enough to overlook these faults (or at least mock me behind my back, thank you so much for that) but if I am actually going to go to the trouble of spellchecking don't correct me incorrectly!!Evidently they need to add the possessive and plural forms of Blogger as well. Ok, I'm done with that for now.

Here are my two essentials of every morning: Mr. Logo's note and my cup of tea.
Yes, I airbrushed the contents of the note, cheeky buggers, it wasn't written to you! I love the graphic representation of where we are in the week there at the top. Funny man.
Have yourselves a lovely day!


ARM said...

My grammar isn't so good neither. Ok, it's usually not that bad, but we all know about my preposition at the end of a sentence problem. I've learned to embrace it.

I must say that if for no other reason, I would highly consider home-schooling the children I will never have just so I can get school books and CD's (the apostrophe is for you) and ART SUPPLIES!! It would make it easier to explain rather than me just being addicted to school supplies.

I love the note from your hubby. Too cute!

lime said...

i find blogger's spellcheck to be somewhat less than effective and it does not allow you to add your own names or expand the dictionary as far as i can tell. and since i can never be bothered to use caps and i am the typo queen i am the last to complain about others.

Balou said...

Awww! I would love to get notes like that. I hope you save them.

S said...

Oh, you remind me that every morning Mr Ratburn used to draw a Coco cartoon and note for us before work.
There got to be so many that we started binding them into little books...I have about 10 of them now.
Of course, we now have Oaty....I don't get many drawings theses days. Could it be that Mr Ratburn finds rabbit guts uninspiring?

Dorky Dad said...

Dangit, LOGO! What's on the note??? I need to know.

If I only had computer skills.

Logophile said...

Arm~ Dangling prepositions can be attractive as long as they are sparkly :p Homeschooling totally feeds my addiction for books and art supplies and pens and notebooks, it's all an elaborate cover for my obsession, you got me.

Lime~ Awwa, you are quite generous, I just reread this post and found a BUNCH of typos and such, oooh well. Whatcha gonna do?

Balou~ Some are more worth saving than others :p

Susie~ You know innards are suppose to be useful for predicting the future, maybe Oaty is a great prognosticator?

Dorky Dad~ Among other things the notes usually have reminders of the things Im suppose to do because I am not the detail person in the family. "Feed the children" ya know, stuff like that.

weirsdo said...

I have been studying this with Mall Diva fairly recently. Things like numbers and abbreviations can form plurals with apostrophes. But usually either form is correct, for instance 70s, 70's, '70s, '70's (well, that last one looks a little awkward). So I would think CDs or CD's would be o. k.

Logophile said...

Weirsdo~ Oooooh, I know you can't really tell by reading this blog but I am rather a traditionalist about that sort of thing. I prefer the oxford comma, and I really don't like the apostrophes that get thrown everywhere. Eats, Shoots & Leaves is one of my favorite books on the matter. :p