Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First, here is a picture of my Easter tree for my friend Minka
Here is the tree with the eggs, candy and such.
Here is Thing One practicing his ability to shoot things.
I am so very proud.

Here is one of my tulips, spring is sprung.
This is Thing Two with his first ever pinewood derby racer.

Here is Thing One's car and trophy for 3rd place in speed.

The Aged Ps came and spent the night with us and cheered the Things and their cars. Good times had by all.

The weather has been gorgeous, and we have been spending alot of time outside.

Here are the Things and Ariella as they attempt to recover from the death march they were forced to endure. They had been walking at least a good fifteen minutes at this point.

Oh, the humanity.

Last we have a little something Mr. Logo brought home from the store.

Which made me think of my friend Barefoot

(who has a fun music game for you today).

Not only is it named for her but is also from her neck of the woods.

Not the best wine evah in the whole wide world, but very presentable.

Also not too expensive and great for cooking.


Sar said...

Yippee - First!

I remember the pine derby's. My brothers made them for cub scouts back in the day. My mom let me make one too. It was bright yellow.

Wish I could join you for a walk & some wine.

The Grunt said...

Nice pinewood derby cars, Things One and Two. I'll have to get my radar gun out and see if you're breaking any speed laws.

Minka said...

I looooove the Easter trees. thank you for dedicating teh pictures to me, you knew I would love them!
And so orderly set up, you would pass as a proper German in no time!

Minka said...

Oh, I forgot!
I have never seen these haster-running-treadmills-slash-easter-egg-holder before. That sure brought a smile to my face and I am all awake now!

Logo™ said...

Sar~ Yay, firsties for you! You are RACKIN' up the bonus points. These can be cashed into toward a request regarding future posts on this blog and a secret decoder ring.
Drink your Ovaltine!

Grunt~ Thing Two's car probably would have been faster if the silly people putting it on the track hadn't been racing it BACKWARD~ At least that is what we are telling ourselves, thank you very much.

Minka~ I did know you would appreciate the tree, I rather like them myself but so few people around here do them! The ferris wheel egg holder was a gift and I had never seen one either, so of course I loved it right away.

lime said...

fun stuff/ did ariella and the things have to go uphill barefoot in the snow for 5 miles? if not tell em to shaddup

barefoot_mistress said...

Yay! Yes, barefoot cellars is right here near my house, but then they all is a good wine to pour in sketti sauce....and stuff like that..and good enough for everyday!
Congratulations to the Things, I used to help my brother paint his little derby cars.....good job, guys! Hurray!

BTW, your Easter tree is dorky! XXXXXX

DaMasta said...

Hahahha.. egg ferris wheel.. niiiice.

Eggs in trees? Is that the same thing as fox in socks?


Congrats to the Things! Go things go!

logo™ said...

Lime~ I try not to tell them that, it encourages them to say it to one another, but I heartily share your sentiments.

Bare~ Thank you kindly for your tree compliments, it means so very much to me to have your dorkiness seal of approval.

Damasta~ Yes, it is similar, and I am glad you like the ferris wheel.
Dizzy chickens, dizzy eggs, I like my food dizzy.

snavy said...

Cool!! You found the wine!!

Easter is over sweetie - move on. hehe

Things should not have weapons --- ever -- he might kill a woodpecker.

Pinewood derby is awesome!! My lil bro used to do those.

Breazy said...

I love the egg tree ! The pics are great . We also have been having goregous weather but about once a week for the past four weeks our weather turns severe and things get ugly . Today is our severe day for the week and it is starting to look horrible out . Anyways, you have a good day!

DaMasta said...

Dizzy food.. I remember a Mitch quote pertaining to dizzy food.. ???

DaMasta said...

I'm not even gonna *ask* what a pine derby is.. You guys live in a whole 'nuther world..

Logo™ said...

Snavy~ Minka just posted her Easter tree pic so I had to do mine, she said she liked them. And I completely agree about the Things and weapons, but at least there is no gun powder involved, I am trying to look on the bright side. Poor woodpeckers...

Breazy~Good, glad you like it, they are fun. We have overcast skies today, but no bad weather as such. And you have a good one too, hon.

Damasta~ Yup, the dizzy food thing is a Mitch quote, good catch! I love that you recognized it. And the pinewood thing is a block of wood you shape and paint, put wheeels on and race against other kid's cars. Good clean fun.

weirsdo said...

Congratulations to the Things, and I hope they were able to recover from their trauma with Ariella's help.
Beautiful tree, too.

logo™ said...

weirsdo, the Things bravely pushed on, and much like famous adventurous soul of old we returned wihout the loss of a singl soul, though we seem to have lost my temper somewhere along the way. i am sure it will find its way home.

Candace said...

Death March, LOL!

I love Barefoot bubbly! And it's CHEAP!

Aged Ps - can it be that someone else has read the Swallows and Amazons books??

logo™ said...

Candace~ My children have a tendency toward melodrama, I can't imagine where they get it.
OMG! my mom grew up in England so her Famous Five and the Swallows and Amazons book series were part of my childhood, distant memories. I have never met ANYONE else who knew that reference, cool!

Candace said...
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Candace said...

Oops! My link was wacked out!

Wow!!!! That's so cool!! I never meet anyone who knows S&A either. Did you know that there's a movie? A decent one. There are 2 OK ones available in the US(Coot Club and The Big Six) but there's also a Swallows and Amazons. I ordered mine online from the UK. It comes on a DVD with The Railroad Children and is only available in Region 2, but fortunately my DVD player is easily hacked to change the region, so I made mine region-free. Heh heh!!