Thursday, April 27, 2006

HNT~ Playing with my cam

I have discovered the solarize function, fun stuff!

Blinds and the solarize function is great stuff too.

Digicams are so FUN!


and Grunt, Crystal, here ya go!
Some kind soul e-mailed me this URL last time I posted a pic.

I thought I would share with you all.


Vera said...

i have hair-envy!

West of the Sun said...

You did the face off too!! (I second the hair envy. Lovely darlin!)

I wanted to say tThanks for swinging by too. =)

barefoot_mistress said...

Hey girly! Happy HNT to you! Top pic reminds me of paint by numbers!

The Grunt said...

Right on, Logo! I'm red and proud of it too.

Snavylyn said...

Very cool!!!

I will read all about the redheads - then maybe I'll understand my daughter better - heheh!!!

Happy HNT!!!

logo™ said...

Vera~ Aw, thanks! It took a long time for me to decide I liked it, but I do now.

WOTS~ I did this too, it is official, I am a total joiner.

Bare~ I know! It looks so weird, I love that function, definitely going to see more of those.

Grunt~ Excellent, reds of the world untie! Oh wait, that is the dyslexics...whatever.

Snavy~ There are some funny things on that site and you have a lovely little redhead, good stuff for her there.

keda said...

i cant keep up with all the .....offs!

at least now i have a face to put with the arse!


there's a large face link listed on my sidebar will that do?!

happy hnt!*

lime said...

cool function. i like it HHN"T

markis said...

hey great red web site, and you be have'n some red hair, nice!

Mark Leslie said...

Love the solarized photo and the red hair looks great. Happy HNT!

Kat said...

Red and curly? I'm so jealous.

MyUtopia said...


logo™ said...

Keda~ Yes, it is important to see the flip side on occasion.

Lime~ I took some very interesting striped photos too, such fun.

Markis~Thanks, glad you enjoyed the redhead pages.

Mark, Kat, Myutopia~ Thanks so much, your very kind.

logo™ said...

you're, even

Sheesh I hate it when I do that

Lily said...

Sweet Beautiful LOGO... I'm going to come see you.. slip somethin in your wine... and shave your head while you sleep. Then I will have a wig made with your lovely red tresses.

That's not creepy is it?

Happy HNT dollbaby!
Damn.. YOU HOT!

keda said...

i have no idea what a blue steel is to be honest so no! if someone could explain i would probably be willing!
for now all you get is my arse sorry* ,

Sar said...

As if you weren't creative enough al-red-y. Yeah, you stick with the creativity, I'll stick with the bad puns. Nice HNT!

DaMasta said...

My.. what beautiful hair you have..

I'm a brunette version.. curly Qs everywhere!

Happy HNT, Logogogoogoooo ™


logo™ said...

Lily~ Aw, thanks, if it were anyone but you it would be creepy, but since it is you instead I am just FREAKED THE HELL OUT! tee hee
Just kidding. mwah!

Keda~ All is explain at Crystal's

Sar~ Thank you, you are so very very punny! There's nothing like a good joke, and THAT was nothing like one.

Damasta~ Thanks, I like your brunette curly Qs too!

Minka said...

I just love you hair. And boy do I love your curls. My hair is straight, it has been since birth and is not gonna change, regardless how talented the hairdresser, my hair rejects everything!

logo™ said...

Minka~ I have straightened my hair, I like it but when the air get humid, or if it rains it starts to look very odd!
And you are lovely, don't be green.

Anonymous said...

lovely picture...i'm far too much of a coward to show my face online.

logo™ said...

Oh, guggs, don't be making me feel like it is challenge to get you post a pic of you. Anyone with dogs as cute as yours can't be all bad, and thanks.