Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's Saturday

Today we have a baseball game for Thing Two and I will be finishing up mowing the lawn.
I thought I would share a little humor from Irwin Barker.

If you go for a hike in Canada there are brochures from the Parks Department to advise you about what to do if you are approached by a bear. That is a very Canadian turn of phrase, "approached by a bear, " it makes it sound like he might just be checking in about how you like the accomodations. But if a bear approaches you they suggest you play dead. They also advise you to carry a cell phone so you can call in case of emergency.

"Hello? Help! I'm being approached by a bear!"

"Hello, thank you for calling the Parks department. If you are being approached by a bear please press one now. Your life threatening emergency is important to us and will be answered in the order it was received. For faster service, please check our website at www dot savagemauling dot com.


barefoot_mistress said...

Ack! Reminds me of the time I had a flat tire on my two ton van while coming back from Alaska on the AlCan.....Just happened to blow out right where about 10 bears were sitting beside the road. They do that because morons feed the bears, and they wait for more. Good way to get your head ripped off!
That was one mighty nervous tire changing sesh, let me tell you!

lime said...

my one armed uncle wrestled a bear, more than once. howzat fer tough.

Logophile said...

Susie~ omigosh, that would be a lil nervewracking! Glad you made it.

Lime~ Holy mother of a hindu cow, that was a crazy man!

Kat said...

I think I will stick with walks in the Smokeys. The little black bears down here are a bit more docile than the big ones up there!

(and yes, there was an attack here recently, but it was the first in YEARS. I think they will find the bear was ill.)

weirsdo said...

Lol. And I've never seen a dead person using a cell phone.

Logophile said...

Kat~ Here in WA we don't get too many bear attacks, cougars are more of a danger.

Weirsdo :p You make an excellent point. Perhaps bears are less detail oriented than your above average violinist.

The Grunt said...

How many here have recieved that phone call: "Roooowr! GRRRRRR! Snort!"

Aren't mother's grand? Oh, you thought I was talking about the grizzly.

snavy said...

So what if your playing dead and your cell phone rings?

Kyahgirl said...

bear: hello ma'am, how are you enjoying your trip to Canada? btw, have you got anything to eat with you?

logo: no, but I could give you my Starbucks.

bear: sorry miss, I only drink Tim Horton's. I'm going to have to kill you now.

Logo-we went camping at a place last year that gave handouts on bears AND mountain lions. Different approach for each. Bears, play dead; mountain lions, fight like hell. so reassuring to get the right advice.