Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A quiz and an anecdote

Last week the Idiot took first place in the quiz, with 80.
Doug and Minka tied for second at 70.
Congrats, and thanks to everyone who played along.

Now I shall tell you a story and give you a link to this week's quiz.

Thing Two has started playing baseball. He is on a coach-pitch team and his dad., Mr. Logo, is the coach.
The league has decreed that each of these little ones must have an athletic cup, or as one young gentleman refers to it, "I got my nut cup!" It has been a fascinating adventure. One mother arrived at practice with a Tupperware drinking cup for her son. I wa slightly ahead on that one, I took Thing Two to the sports department of a local store to purchase his. After getting it we headed off to the ball field. When we arrived at practice he requested my assistance with fitting the new equipment to...his equipment.
I slipped it down his jeans and sent him off. He began doing the something-is-wrong-in-my-pants walk. Then he turned around and yelled, "Mom, I can't even walk like this! Something's not right."
Sure enough, his mother had put his cup on upside down
(well, based on the shape I thought that was how it was SUPPOSE to go).
He finally got it sorted out and I advised him, in the future, to refer penis related question to the parent with matching equipment.

OK, you survived the story, here's the quiz!


Kat said...

lol funny story.

snavy said...

"Penis related question" - lmao!!! This is why I'm glad to have girls - I already know the equipment!!

You did buy him a jock strap - right???

DaMasta said...

God help you if you ever have a girl.


Blither's Basset said...

Doh! I can't believe I sucked that bad!!!

Ok.. I did think the quiz was about baseball. :) How fun! Do we do this ever Tuesday?

The Village Idiot said...

the best thing to buy the lad are the boxerbriefs with the pouch for the cup. The old style jock straps suck. And I can't believe you subjected him to the something is wrong in my pants walk...

I can't believe I got an 80 although knowing you and how you like auden...i guessed on that one and the poem that starts with no capitalization..gotta be cummings you cunning lil poetry queen.

truth said...

hahaha, that story just cracked me up.

and i totally sucked at this week's quiz. i only knew ONE thing!

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh thank god we have Idiot to teach us about "nut cups"..I've never heard of this boxer briefs nut cup combo! :P LOL

I am totally ROTFLMAO..we had the talk about tampons and bras this week, so ya know, I can relate!

Logo, this is so funny im dying here! Really im dying! Even Hannah is ROTF

Egan said...

I played baseball for about ten years and never ever wore a cup. I hated them. I hardly ever wore a jockstrap. It didn't feel right to wear those suckers. Good for the Things.

The Grunt said...

I second that. While they're nice if you happen to get hit, sometimes the cod peice gets off center and can pinch something. I think the biggest concern is supporting the testes, seriously. They can become detatched from their anchor tissue and start spinning around. It happened to my big brother and it was no laughing matter.

Logophile said...

Kat~ The poor child will probably be scarred for life, oh well. It'll give him something to tell Oprah.

Snav~ yeah yeah, we got the package deal. Penis questions to the penis parent, seems the way to go.

Damasta~ I had Mr. Logo gelded, no girls.

Blither~ Yup, there is a quiz almost every Tuesday, and you did alright, we award points for participation around here, because I specialize in obscure questions.

Idiot~ That sounds like a better undergarment option, I will mention it to the penis parent. And yeah, good guesses, ya lucky quiz taker.

Truth~ I hereby award you 60 points for laughing at my story and returning to take my quizzes regularly, you are so good to me!

Susie~ Oy, I am glad I don't have THAT talk to deal with, at least I have good reason to refer nutcup issues to Mr. Logo.

Egan~ League rules, and Mr. Logo is all about the SOP (standard operating procedures).
So they have their nut cups.

Grunt~ iii iii yiii, don't get your cremaster in a knot, eh?

Doug said...

That's a funny story and a wise conclusion in most but not all cases.

Hey, I'll take a second-place tie any old day.

Egan said...

It was league rules when I played, but who's checking? That I want to know.

Logophile said...

Doug~ You have second place so far this week all to yourself! When it comes to nut cups, it was definitely the right conclusion!

Egan~In the case of my child, his father, the coach. The other young men on the team have taken to tapping or thumping their groin area as proof to the coach they are indeed wearing them. Golly, I hope they don't forget and nail themselves in the twig and giggleberries sans protection. That would suck.

Egan said...

Lame, those banana hammocks and Slurpee cups sucks to wear. I only took one direct shot to the nuts in all my years of baseball. I have taken quite a few testicle teasers in soccer though. It wakes you up quickly.

Hey, I am sorry about quizzes. Those pop-ups on that site scare me. I tried The Idiot's and got three pop-up windows. I bet my registry has been hacked.

logo™ said...

Egan~ he doesn't know any better yet. In a couple years I am sure he will be objecting. As for the quiz, my pop up blocker catches them, so I haven't had too much of a problem, sorry though.
I can always administer later in PM.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Our son wouldn't even consider the catchers postion after he learned that you had to wear a "cup."

"penis related question," is such a wonderful phrase. Too bad I'm not likely to get a chance to use it.

Logo™ said...

Lucy~ Just throw it in any conversation and see what happens.
And LUCY!! You got a 90, how clever are you!

Kyahgirl said...

That story has been laughing like an idiot. Both of my kids played hockey the past winter and needed crotch protectors. In hockey dressing room lingo they call it a can. Lends a whole new meaning to 'getting canned' or getting 'kicked in the can'. Luckily the girls one was built right into the shorts. The boys one had an embarrassing habit of falling out of its little holder. Ai ya yai!

Kyahgirl said...

ok I took the quiz-totally sucked :-)
(40) Sleeping at the back of the class again!

Logophile said...

Kyahgirl~ Who knew sports would provide humor in such unexpected ways? And we always award points for participation, never fear.