Thursday, April 06, 2006

HNT~ The answer to all life's questions

Not 42,
that is the answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything.
That is something completely different.
I mean the questions like...
Should we order pizza or Chinese?
Should we catch the 7:15 or the 8:45 movie?
Should I have another scoop of ice cream?
These are the questions that plague our days.
The minutiae of daily living.
Some people have a decision making disorder, I have the perfect solution.
Some people are just tired of making choices by the end of the day, this is perfect for you too.
Some people have opposition defiance disorder, they want advice so they can do the opposite.
In all of these cases I have the same advice, do what I do.
Ask an icosahedron.
Meet my Magic 8 Ball
The Oracle, the source of advice and wisdom, in a small, hand-held, easy-to-read format!
Don't have one?
Leave me a question in the comment box and I will give mine a shake for you.
We here at Dog's Life want you to have the answers to life's questions.
Wondering what HNT is about? No 8 ball magic needed, click the rotating button in the links.


bsoholic said...

the magic eight ball never lies!

happy HNT :)

barefoot_mistress said...

Not likely!

Happy HNT

snavy said...

I love the magic 8 ball!!! Bought my sister one for her birthday. Sometimes you're alone and you need answers!!!


The Grunt said...

Could you ask your Magic 8 Ball if I'm going to become rich? Mine just says "Ha!" when I ask it that question.

Logo said...

BS~ Oh, you KNOW that is true

Susie~ All indicators point to yes! :p

Snavy~ Sometimes you are with someone who doesn't give you the answer you want, the Magic 8 Ball is ALWAYS handy! And it is a great gift, you are a wonderful sister.

Grunt~ It says "It is decidedly so"
Go forth and get the job of your dreams, the 8 Ball is on your side!

Seamus said...

I miss my Magic 8 Ball - *pout*

Happy HNT!!! Love the "sun" shots - Buffledog would just love to sit and watch all that energy at play! :)

schnoodlepooh said...

all i can say is that the answer IS 42!

Logo said...

Seamus~ Get another one! Everyone should have an 8 ball, is there anything I can ask mine for you to hold you over till you get to a toy store?

Schnoodlepooh~ While, yes, 42 is the over riding answer to the question of Life the Universe and Everything, as the Guide points out, there are certain questions 42 can't help with, like the pizza or Chinese issue, so that is where the Magic 8 Ball comes into play.
Must have the Guide and an 8 ball to consider yourself well stock in the answer department.

Mark Leslie said...

Gotta love it! Just ask the 8-Ball! Happy HNT!

lime said...

do i have to be productive today or can i schlub around in my jammies all day?

logo said...

Mark~ Oh yeah, it is the best way to handle life's prickling little questions.

Lime~ I asked "Does Lime have to be productive today?" 8 Ball said,
"My rely is NO" so evidently someone else may have a different answer. Any idea who?

The Village Idiot said...

and here i thought there was really a small tiny oracle, like dephi..only tiny, living inside each and every one of those things.

I am ruined for life..thankyouverymuch

The Grunt said...

Yes! Thaks, Logo. Thanks, Logo's Magic 8 Ball.

Breazy said...

OMG!! I use to have one of those and I loved it ! Happy HNT!

kyahgirl said...

oh I want one!!

Ask it where I can get one in Alberta please?

DaMasta said...

Oh yeah! I have one in my kitchen! Awesome post!

Please ask yer 8 ball, "Am I the hotest chick on HNT today?"

;) Happy HNT, Logogogoogogo!

Lily said...

I want... NEED to know... Will I win the lottery soon?


Egan said...

"Try again later"

That's the story of my life.

Logo said...

Idiot~ Babe, you were ruined long before I met ya.

Grunt~ Anytime!

Breazy~ hours of fun, and entertaining for the kids too!

Kyahgirl~ 8Ball only answers Yes or No question, I asked if you COULD get one in Alberta, 8 Ball said, "Without a doubt" Try ebay

Damasta~ 8 Ball is FABULOUS!! I asked if you were the hottest chick of HNT, 8 Ball said, All signs point to YES.

Lily~ Sorry, 8 Ball said, Outlook not so good.

Egan~ Don't cry, I'll buy you a lolly, little boy.

kellywalters said...

will I ever be able to dunk?

The Village Idiot said...

Will someone sit next to me?

logo said...

Roxie~ 8 ball says, Don't count on it.

Idiot~ 8 ball says, Better not tell you now.

Lily said...

are you sure? because I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win... try it for me again. Please?

Logo said...

Lily~ I did it once more, and the 8 Ball said...
Very doubtful.
Sorry, Lily, we can try again next week if you like?