Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The meme that was a you-you

When I posted the 101 Things About Me list last month I made a wonderful discovery.
Through some sort of incredibly complicated international incident I was evidently separated before birth
(this may explain my affection for Rick Mercer, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is genius, who wouldn't love it and Made in Canada was great stuff, plus the theme was by The Tragically Hip. I wish I still got CBC, so sad, but I digress)
from my sister, Kyahgirl, who just had a birthday!

Here are the things from the list we have in common.
4 My mom was a registered nurse
5 I have an older sister
30 I also drink coffee
31 I am an information junkie
32 I love learning new things
33 I do alot of reading
46 I am a fan of Dave Sedaris
50 I already have the next book I am going to read
54 I spend alot of time on line, probably too much, but we are not opening a poll on that question
55 I don't watch very much TV
56 I fix our computer issues, do the appliance programming and occasionally get called on to assist others but refuse to regard myself as a techie, or geek or whatever.
57 This is mostly because I know some actual techheads and I am nowhere near their level of expertise...or geekiness
58 I have voted in every election since I turned 18
60 I am left handed79 I am ever so slightly clumsy (you might have already concluded that)
82 I don't have a poker face
83 I love playing trivia games
85 I love being married, and I love him
91 I get a lil crazy if I don't get to spend enough time by myself
92 I tend to forget birthdays, anniversaries and appointments
94 I find zoos depressing
95 I can't knit, crochet, or sew. I don't cook and I hate shopping
96 I do enjoy decorating though
97 I know how to change tires, oil, oil filters, air filters, and how to clean and gap spark plugs or replace them
98 I would rather have someone else do it
99 I don't have a visble birthmark
Also discovered,
Susie shares my left handedness (sign of real genius),
Schnoodlepooh shares my feelings about zoos and dressing up,
Mrs.Weirsdo is also clumsy, Thursday-born, read-a-lot lefty who needs time to herself, has a son around 8-9, and is happily married. Clearly she is a kindred spirit.
Damasta shares my love of the Magic 8 ball and
Breazy shares my middle child syndrome.
Comments on the post also revealed that the Idiot likes David Sedaris as much as I do,
I frighten Grunt just a little bit,
Egan thinks I am a liar and Babyjewels can see up his skirt ( he has a cute pink thong).

Golly, isn't blogging fun??


barefoot_mistress said...

That is very interesting and yes, left handers are just incredible!

I wonder, do you have too much time on your hands?
(says a person that spent a week collecting pics of people with shoes in their mouths!)

The Grunt said...

I don't see myself as right or left handed. It's just that my right hand is good at writing stuff, throwing, and such. But, my left hand can do complex things on my guitar fretboard that makes my right hand look retarded.

I got a mention. Wooohooo! Thanks, Logo.

Egan said...

I like David Sedaris too and looking up skirts. I hardly recall my liar declaration, but I wouldn't put it past me to joke about that sort of thing.

weirsdo said...

My quiz scores show I don't read as much as I should. Too much practicing (yeah, right).
But did e. e. cummings really use an upper-case letter in that poem? That threw me on that question.

Logophile said...

Susie~ Lefthanded people RULE de WORLD!! Or we would, but we are above all that nonsense. Too much time on my hands?? Never! You mean like, do I take pictures of myself with a shoe in my mouth and write ridiculous quizzes and such?

Grunt~ I am very lefthanded, My right hand can shift a manual transmission and open a door. That is about it.

Egan~ Oh sure, make it out as a joke, I was crying, crying, for hours! But since you like Sedaris I can forgive you. But stop looking up skirts, you are going to get sent to jail.

Weirsdo~ You have clearly spent your time in a more worthwhile manner. I will say that now that I have heard you play. And yes, interestingly enough it seems he did start the quote with a cap but none of the lines. Sorry about that, I hereby award you 20 or 30 points for participation and general wonderfulness.

barefoot_mistress said...

BTW Missy, I am a middle child too!

Seamus said...

So...what if you've got 2 left-feet, does that make one a double genius (that is dance challenged) - perhaps we should consult the Magic 8 Ball! :o)~

Logophile said...

Susie~ Oooooooooh, much is explain.

Seamus~ 8 Ball says "It is decidedly so."

snavy said...

I'm kinda clumsy - I spill things on myself a lot. But then, I have the dancing where I'm the opposite of clumsy. Hubby has called me a coordination sevant.

The Village Idiot said...

David who?

All I know is me talk pretty one day

and I like my meat..arranged in a neat stack in the middle of my plate

Egan said...

Village Idiot - you just want to get Naked don't you?

The Village Idiot said...

Egan -- I am just trying to find time to get Naked or rather to enjoy getting Naked, I think getting naked on the beach in Hawaii would be about about you?

Kyahgirl said...

OMG logo-you know what is really weird? I was just thinking I need to do a post about my long lost cyber twin sister!

*cue Twilight Zone music*

It will take a bit of time but I'll get it done

thanks for posting this, it was great!

Cowgirl said...

Howdy! Thanks for the nice words over at Dawgy Doug's!

Breazy said...

Blogging sure is fun ! Yep I do share the middle child syndrome and boy I have to say it isn't fun being in the middle because most times when trouble breaks out... who do they blame ? hehe ! Have a good day Logo!

Melliferous Pants said...

I'm a middle child and I love, love, LOOOOVVVVEEE me some David Sedaris.

Egan said...

I'm the second youngest child and I love me some Pants.

Logophile said...

Snavy~I am currently wearing tea, I feel your pain. I wish I had the dancing thing to make me feel better.

Idiot, Egan~ I can see you both are Sedaris fans. Relax, we can all get Naked.

Kyahgirl~ oooooo, that IS weird. Hope you had a great birthday!

Cowgirl~ Thanks for popping over!

Breazy~ Oh, don't I know it! You have a good one too, hon.

Pants~ Awesome! Are you gonna get Naked too? Middle children are the best, we are so adaptable and stuff.

Egan~ Second to the youngest still counts as a middle doesn't it?
And hey, who doesn't love pants, eh?

Melliferous Pants said...

I'm always Naked, under my clothes! If you meant the book Naked, I'm already all over that. Every time a new David Sedaris book is released I'm at the bookstore tapping my toe. My true love for him was sealed when I heard him do a live reading. He's freaking awesome.

Logophile said...

First time I was aware of him was when Dave Letterman had him on the Late Show and he read some of his book. It was so great, I knew I had to get it. And yes, I was referring to the book, although, we are all naked under our clothes, so join us in that too!

Mark Leslie said...

FYI, if you enjoy Rick Mercer but can't get CBC where you are, you can always enjoy some of the highlights online, at his blog ( or on his Mercer Report website, where you can see clips from his show(

Logophile said...

Mark~ Thanks! When I went to put in the link I saw he had a blog and was planning to go back and spend sometime there. I really do enjoy him.