Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy whatever you are celebrating.

Here in the great Northwest we celebrate spring in serious style. These are the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley.
Quite gorgeous but you should not come visit unless you park and take a bus, because all the annoying flower gawkers get on my nerves when I am on my way to my mom and dad's house.
Here is a Seder plate, showing elements that remind the observant of various aspects of history.
A joyous Passover, next year in Jerusalem.
Happy Easter!
If your eggs look this good, I want to see pictures.
Lastly, here is an opportunity for you all to have a turn with a hunt.
Can you find the cottontail rabbit in this picture?


barefoot_mistress said...

Oohh!Even I could go for an ice cold Skagit Valley Beer! Oops! Did you say erm though you said beer!

Hah! Happy Spring guys!

Blither's Basset said...

Ahh The Beautiful Tullips :) Reminds me of the Corn Mazes and Then The Pumpkin Patches... And Hey isn't there a Alpaca Farm up there now?, or if you'd rather we can call them... Lama Pacos.

"Up There" You now by Marysville and Mount Vernon AKA: Near Bum F'd Eygpt :)
Tee hee.. I tease.. I TEASE!

Wow.. Does Sus look good!!! Bow Wow Wow Baby!!!

The Grunt said...

Peter Cottontail is just to the left and up of the base of the biggest tree next to the creek.

snavy said...

Happy Easter and such!! Have a great weekend!!!

Logophile said...

Susie Q~ For you, beer and tulips, just cuz I likes ya!

Blither~ I think Egypt is the other way, isn't it? Anyway, yes, lot of cool stuff to the north of civilization. Susie's new pic is soooo cute!

Grunt~ did you say creek or crick?

Snavs~ You too, babe, mwah!

The Grunt said...

The first one, creek. You'll have to let me know, after everyone has had their guesses, if I spotted it.

shezzy's sanitarium said...

nope, no rabbit, but I think I saw a giraffe, an aardvark and an I get extra points??

ShyRocket said...

"Right, Sir Lancelot, kill the rabbit!"

Cool pics and enjoyed getting caught-up a bit on your blog. Sorry, have been a very bad blogging buddy lately. However, this afternoon I was telling WW how much I wanted a PWD someday and it reminded me to come visit your blog. Hope you're doing well!

Fred said...

Happy Easter to you, too!

The Grunt said...

Heh heh, I was wrong. I can see it now.

Teacher's pet said...

Happy Spring to you. Nice pics, and once I clicked on the bunny landscape to enlarge it I saw him/her.
You are so doggone clever, teacher!

Logo™ said...

Grunt~ Glad you are saying it my way (the right way)

Shez~ My chocolate truffle torte, you get lots of points for those!

Mr. Rocket~ They are a lovely and sweet natured breed, and as long as you have the energy to keep up with them quite good fun. Glad to see life has calmed enough that you are around again.
"Beware, death awaits you all with nasty, sharp, pointy teeth!"
And then the line most often quoted inadvertently when discussing me, "What an eccentric performance!"

Fred~ Happy Easter to you all as well, hope the home stretch of the school year find you keep well.

Grunt~ Ah hah! Bet you got it that time!

Weirsdo~ Happy Spring to you and yours! Glad you enjoyed the pics and I tell you what, it is so nice to have an appreciative student from time to time, I definitely have to keep you around.

Anonymous said...

If I stare at it long enough, will the rabbit jump out and scream, "Happy Easter."?

Logo™ said...

Guggs~ If it does, seek medical attention immediately.

Minka said...

I found teh rabbit. My eggs did not look that good and wow, those tulips! When i was in germany last week, I bought my sister a floer arrangement every day. Truly it was for me and my eyes, cause in Iceland you just can´t buy them, they are so expensive. In germany you can get so many Tulips over easter for just a Euro! I went wild, wild I say. I think teh woman in the store thought I was slightly retarded, and I can´t blame her!