Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy FKT~ The sins of the parents

the following scenes may disturb you!
Yesterday I was caught in the following act, probably due to the BAD COMPANIONS I have been keeping.

Sadly, as is always the case, the children bear the brunt of the foolish choices of the parents. Here we see Thing One engaging in the blantant theft of Legos. Shocking isn't it?
I am sure after we have spent his college fund getting therapy for both of us we will fully recover, although donations are being accepted.


Seamus said...

*Busted* Grass Maiming Mama and Lego Lifting Ninja! Too cute to! HHNT! :)

Mark Leslie said...

LOL - I've forwarded copies of these photos to the authorities - sorry, my conscious made me do it! Happy HNT!

Breazy said...

LOL! Happy HNT!

DaMasta said...

D'oh! Like mother, like thing.

Bunch of troublemakers, I say!

;) Happy HNT, Logogogoooo!

Minka said...

Du Rasenlatscher, du! ;)

lime said...

what a bad bad family. i love it. happy HNT

barefoot_mistress said...

LMAO.....see what you get when you teach your kids to act like Logolegothiefs?

LOL HHNT Sweetie and The Things!

Logophile said...

Seamus~ Thanks, we do our best.

Mark~ You snitch!!

Breazy~ Thanks!

Damasta~ Troublemakers?? Us?! How can you say something like that?

Minka~ I know, do you still love us?

Lime~ Just think of the poor man who lives with us...much sympathy.

Susie~ Yeah, yeah. I have to admit Legos are getting expensive...

barefoot_mistress said...

Ok now that has to be Thing One right? Because I cant help but notice, he is becoming quite the blogging ham here! Maybe he needs to become a member of your blog!
And, I had to come back because the picture of him stealing the Legos is totally hilarious!

HHNT Sweets!

Casper said...

dang, I'm always getting busted too!!! At least you only walked on the grass, I peed on it and got in big trouble with the ol' hen!

Egan said...

Fully Klothed Thursday lives. Nice work Logo™. I hope those are Lego™ products in Thing's arms.

The Grunt said...

You can call yourself "The Do Not Walk On the Grass Bandit Who Defiantly Walks On the Grass." Maybe that's a tad wordy. What do you think?

Thomas said...

What is the name of the coffee shop in Fremont?

Egan said...

Thomas, allow me to handle this one. The place where Logo took the Things is called Simply Desserts. It's where I workd for my college years and has magnificent desserts and coffee.

snavy said...

See??? They start young!!!

I love the stealing the lego's - the ski mask is a riot!!!

I'm off to leave the cap off the toothpaste and not change the toilet paper roll...


Lily said...

Stealing LEGOS! What next? Tinker Toys? Ninja Turtles? Easy Bake Ovens?

I'm astonished!

Logo™ said...

Susie~ he is a hoot, it is true, and yes, quite the drama king.

Casper~ Your yard manners are so much better than Ariella's. I am impressed, now quite making Laura crazy.

Grunt~ That is kinda long, and not all that catchy, please try again.

Thomas, Egan~ Thank you for handling that little matter.

Snavy~ You criminal!! He is awfully funny, he saw me getting ready to do mine and wanted to be a criminal too.

Lily~ It is shocking, I am sorry, don't let princess see.