Friday, May 12, 2006

55 Flash Fiction Friday, and a MEME

Stifling snickers they hid, shushing each other. The time was right, any minute he would be coming up the stairs. The poor, unsuspecting idiot was expecting coffee, little did he know he was about to get so much more. Two curly headed muses were about to make sure inspiration struck, like a two by eight.

Here is a lil thing I copied from Guggenflugen.

I AM more than the sum of my cliches.
I WANT some things I cannot have.
I WISH I didn't want them.
I HATE overthinking things.
I MISS feeling like I understand life.
I FEAR nothing but fear itself... and carnies.
I HEAR my children laughing
I WONDER if they are doing something they shouldn't.
I REGRET losing my temper last night.
I AM NOT going to grow up.
I DANCE whenever there is music.
I SING from the diaphragm.
I CRY when people I care about cry.
I AM NOT ALWAYS someone I can admire.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS a fabulous cup of tea and occasionally even scones.
I WRITE stories in 55 words.
I CONFUSE almost everyone at least occasionally.
I NEED a vacation.
I SHOULD do the laundry.
I START squealing when I laugh really hard.
I FINISH with a flourish.


barefoot_mistress said...

Runs quickly to warn the Idiot!

Cool 55 missy, thanks for playing! What? Only one this week? Sheesh, I come here for excess!

Candace said...

I HEAR my children laughing
I WONDER if they are doing something they shouldn't.
ooh I hear ya! Though it's usually more disatrous when they are too quiet!

I love your answers. Both poignant and whimsical.

The Grunt said...

I fear carnies with a passion, as well, Logo. I have been bad with the FF55 and will do it, but I started a side Friday thing called "TIGF"->That's Incredibely Gay, Friday. I hope it surpases cheesburgers in its poularity.

goldennib said...

That's a neat MEME - cool answers.

brian said...

Thanks for the nice comments yesterday on Sar's blog, and good job hosting. I am afraid though that this post is beyond my abilities to understand.
Thanks Brian aka hummingbunny

weirsdo said...

Good story. It reminded me of Indie's.

Logophile said...

Suse~ Too late we got him, check his blog. Excess? You come to me for excess?? You say the sweetest things, sugahmouth!

Candace~ Ain't THAT the truth? Silence isn't golden, it is terrifying.

Grunt~ I dunno, cheeseburgers can be pretty great, good luck with it though. I will come on over and check it out.

Goldennib~ you should do it! Let me know if you decide to use it and answer it on your blog.

Brian~ Thanks, yesterday was fun, I think it is more that I didn't quite intro the topics, being obscure again, it is a gift of mine.

Weirsdo~ WOW, that is quite the compliment, thanks!

Sar said...

I so loved that flash fiction! Mwa ah ah ah ah!!! Beware the curly haird muses!

You managed to make your meme (or really your youyou) funny, sad, informative, and deep!

lime said...

lmao@ you and idiot. and groovy meme. would like to hear you squeal:P

Lily said...

I'm stealing this. yes I am. because now that I've started my life of crime... I find it rather exhilarating

brian said...

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy seeing new people. The explanation makes more sense now.But like I told Sar this week, my Chronic Fatigue interfers with reading comprehesion of instructions. I do enjoy your blog and I will be back, if only to puzzle myself.

Breazy said...

Hey Logo! I am running short on time but I wanted to come over and say Happy Mother's Day to you! Have a good one ! :)

DaMasta said...

Confuse me occassionally?? I can think of 52 times off hand when you've confused me. LOL! But I keep on comin back for more, don't I?!

Happy Mom's Day, Logogoogo™!!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the 55 Flash. and a very insightful MEME. i don't fear carnies. i am intrigued by their lifestyle.

Egan said...

Funny, I saw this same picture on The Idiot's blog. Did you steal his idea?

Vera said...

*thinks of a happy place*
carnies... *shudder*

logo™ said...

Sar~ Tee hee, we'll learn 'im!
Glad you enjoyed the meme.

Lime~ You make me laugh that hard, you just can't hear it.

Lily~ You go, girl, take it and run!

Brian~ I puzzle most people, I like to pretend it's cuz I am clever, but mostly I am just obscure.

Breazy~ Thanks, sweetie, you too!

Damasta~ It is my special gift, glad you enjoy it, mwah! Thanks, sweets.

Guggs~ I am frightened by their teeth mostly.

Egan~ It was finely tuned precision maneuver. Team work, dude.

logo™ said...

VERA!! Mwah, come here, honey, I will hold you. Don't let those icky ole carnies scare you, Logo will protect you.

Vera said...

Ahhhhh... *sighs contentedly*... Carnies are all gone now, but keep protecting me, I'm a fragile & delicate creature...
*bats eyelashes*

Kyahgirl said...

your answers are so creative and interesting sis. great meme and great story. Now I finally understand the Idiot's story.