Friday, May 05, 2006

55 on Friday

So here we are again at the time for Flash Fiction as decreed by Susie. The idea is to write exactly 55 words that have a distinguishable character and a plot. I asked for some suggestions earlier this week and they were all so good, or at least challenging, that I wrote 55 for everyone, except Doug who merely asked me to include his idea with Lime's, so I did. Hope you all can find something to enjoy.
A smile of satisfaction spread across her face. She had it, she finally had the recipe. Glancing around surreptitiously she quickly saved the document to a file, e-mailed it to herself then deleted any record of it. The Macaroni and Cheese Dinner formula was hers, and she would expose the toxic ingredients to the world!

For Sar
Two curly heads leaned close together across a table. It was the only way to converse over the surrounding din. The laughter belied their very serious purpose. The largest, most elaborate, fluffiest, fruitiest alcoholic concoctions on the menu would make their way to this table tonight. The hunt for the perfect bitch pop was on!

For Lime and Doug
" it isn't Arminianism versus Calvinism, but rather dispensationalism versus covenantalism, and I definitely have a problem with Federalism." she said. "Also, to backtrack, I cannot even seriously consider the supralapsarian view. Infralapsarianism is far more consistent."
"You lost me at 'What hermeneutical principles are you using to justify your eschatology' " he said blankly. For Blither
I step away from the edge of the waterfall avoiding slippery spots then climb up. I look east, the mountains aren't out today. Realizing the time I check for traffic and take Occidental to the coffee shop. It is a glorious day, warm with bright grey skies, a perfect Seattle day to meet a friend.

For Candace
Quickly she tossed soap, toothbrush and towel in the canvas tote. The invitation to her friend's houseboat was last minute but welcome. She set her bag and sandals on the porch and locked the door. As it latched she remembered her keys were inside. Turning she saw there was only one shoe by her tote.

For the idiot
Leaning forward, he said,
"So we flew to Switzerland where we could test the theory."
His lovely young companion asked
"You couldn't just use a bubble chamber?"
He laughed and patted her knee
"No, my dear. That is really just for particle detection."
She scooted closer,
"Now," she said breathlessly, "Tell me about the quarks."


Doug said...

Logo, fantastic! I loved the one you did for Lime and me.

Sar said...

I would've been challenged to write just one....Wow, Logo! You rock.

I loved our story and hope the day comes when we can live it. Cheers!

barefoot_mistress said...

OMG Logo, that is so impressive! I love the mac n cheese one...but I must ask, please explain that last one to me willya?

The Calvinism one...forget it! I don't even wanna know!

THanks for playing Logo! Yay!

snavy said...

Wow!! Great job missy!! I can't even think of one. hehe

lime said...

LMAO. i love the c&h cartoon that goes with mine. you are such a silly thing. i love it.

The Village Idiot said...

sex and particle physics...I am impressed!

MadKiwi said...

Awesome!! hahahaha!

I have it! I finally have it! The formula is all mine! Bwuahahhahaa!!

No one can stop me now...

Thanks, Logoo™

Yes, I purposefully spelled it Lo-goo. LOL..

;) Happy Cinco de Mayo, enjoy the mexi-jokes.


The Grunt said...

Your a 55 maniac. I'll have to do one, but after work and much fun has been accomplished.

Solitaire said...

this is awesome!

you rock!

logo™ said...

Doug~ Just consider me your verbal genie in a bottle, your wish is my command.

Sar~ Looking forward to it, if you decide to head to Hawaii insted of Aruba next week plan a nice long lay over in Seattle.

Bare~ That last one is about the particle accelerator in Switzerland which one way you can observe subatomic particles such as quarks and leptons. Glad you enjoyed!

Snavy~ You are very kind, mwah!

Lime~ Silly? Yes ma'am, you got it!

Idiot~ I know the intersting things in life.

Damasta~ You may spell it logoooo™ if you like, I have no problem with that. Glad you finally have the secret, use it for good, not evil. Happy 5th of May!

Grunt~ Manic, yes, yes I am. Looking forward to yours, I may count this week.

Solitaire~ Thanks!

Candace said...

Wow! That's impressive, Logo! The Calvin one - whoooooa! And the quark one, LOL! I love what you did with the houseboat and the shoe. :-)

logophile said...

Happy 55 Fiction Day. Check out my 55 fiction at
Brian B.
Anacortes, WA

Logophile said...

Candace~ You got your canvas, soap, and houseboat as well as the phrase "There was only one shoe." I wanted to fit in as many as possible but the others just wouldn't go. Glad you enjoyed!

Logophile~ greetings from a fellow logophile! Hope you found something you liked among my 55s.

Minka said...

I already claimed one of yoru stories for me over at Susie´s place. I think I have a right and I will take the last one!

Minka said...

I forgot to say thank you!

Logophile said...

Minka~ as long as you give me a writing credit in the footnotes you can have them all, just cuz I likes ya. Mwah! And you are very welcome.

Kat said...

Those were great. Especially the bitch pop one! And the shoe one, and the waterfall one. Yeah, they were all great! lol

miss_lissa said...


Those were great reads! :)

Happy 55FFF (lol)

Logophile said...

Kat~ Aw, thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Miss Lissa~ thank you, thank you, Happy 5th of May!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Fun reading.

weirsdo said...

Impressive and great variety. I thought you said you were busy. Do you just toss these off?

logo™ said...

Lucy~ Good, glad to entertain you!

Weirsdo~ Ya know, a couple were harder than the others, but they are pretty quick and easy, and fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the one "For Sar"

I need a drink.

logo™ said...

Guggs~ I like that one too! Gonna have a big ole fruity bitch pop?

Blither said...

You are BRILLIANT!!! Beautiful LOGO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Blither said...