Thursday, May 18, 2006

Flashback HNT

We were requested to repost our first HNT.
Although Ariella did show off a paw on her own a week before this photo was featured back in September this was our first joint HNT. So here it is in honor of people flashing their half nekkid selves.
And to flashback either farther...
Here is a photo of Mr. Logo and I back in the mists of time.
This is a honeymoon picture, we were at Seven Springs in Pennsylvania.

Yes, I know we look like babies. We weren't.

I was only a teenager for a few more months and he had even been legal drinking age for a while.

This was a couple days before the event he refers to as my "first attempt on his life."

It was a white water rafting trip and no homicidal or suicidal tendencies were exhibited, although a certain rashness of behavior might have been displayed...maybe.

Anyway, if you aren't getting nekkid hope you are finding another way to have your fun.


Anonymous said...

I will attempt to post or (repost) a somewhat nekkid shot. I chickened out last time (well, some people saw the gaunch.)

I'll have to have more liquid courage before I hit "Publish."

goldennib said...

You and the Mr. look sweet.

robmcj said...

Lovely dog. Happy HNT birthday.

Kat said...

Aaaaawwwww. To Ariella and the honeymoon picture. :)

lime said...

great pics, both of them. what would nuke say if we got together. we both seem to have this tendency toward self happy HNT

barefoot_mistress said...

Um, that is NOT the HNT picture you showed me! LOL chicken!

HHNT Ariella and all!

snavy said...

That is such a sweet picture!!!!

However, I wanna see the one you showed Susie Q.... ;P

Logophile said...

Guggs~ Be strong, and of good courage.

Goldennib~ We ARE sweet...'cept when we aren't.

Kat~ Thanks

Lime~ be afraid, be very afraid
heh heh heh, looking forward to it, even if he maybe isn't.

Susie~ Bock bock bock

Snav~ See me after class.

Crystal said...

LOVE the tight roll.

The Village Idiot said...

love the pants!!!!!!

you are right
you look like a couple fresh faced graduates

congrats on not killing each other!

Blither said...

Logo! I LOVE YOUR HAIR! Dang it All You Are Fabulous! Hhnt!!

Egan said...

Holy poop that's an awesome shot. How long ago did you get married? 1985? Ha! Thanks for sharing Logo.

The Grunt said...

Great photos, Logo. I always knew you had a little homocidal maniac in ya.

Kyahgirl said...

those pics are both utterly adorable!

You and Mr. Logo really do look like babies :-)

Doug said...


Logophile said...

Crystal~ Yes, my wardrobe coordinators had me looking very "of the moment"

Idiot~ Give it time, one of us may yet snap. If I still had those pants, I would give them to you.

Blither~ THANKS, I love compliments, and you are really good at them, come back often!

Egan~ 1990, thanks for adding 5 years, ya snot nose lil brat

Grunt~ Don't be jealous, people think you are psycho too, one day you could achieve my greatness in the field.

Kyahgirl~ Thanks, so funny to look at them now, dang that was a long time ago.

Doug~ succinct, very succinct

Candace said...

Ooooh! Your 1st HNT is sooooo sweet! :-)

Wow - you *were* babies!!! Nice shot! :-)

Logophile said...

Candace~Thanks! And that is an awesome new avatar you have there, ma'am.

Sar said...

Aw, young love. And lovely polish!

And of course Ariella deserves some lovin too!. :)

DaMasta said...

OMG!! How young are you!!!??? :D It was so great to see you and snav's early marriage pics this week. And, of course Ariella, you look mah-valous, dahling.. simply mah-valous..

logo™ said...

Sar~ I love that polish, sort of a purple burgandy. And Ariella is quite lovely, always deserves and welcomes the loving.

Damasta~ Yes, Snav's and I were both quite the lovely young brides, such good company I keep. Ariella thanks you kindly for your compliments.

weirsdo said...

You guys are cute together.
Pansi wants her letter.

Minka said...

Since ihave been doing HNT for four weeks, I thought hsowing my first one, would be a little doubtful! But I like yours and now when I think of Mr.Logo....I see a cake he decorated:)

logo™ said...

Weirsdo~ G for Pansi and a thank you for you!

Minka~ He has many other talents too, he decorated my bedroom, welded his fishing boat, balances our checkbook and manages to put up with me, a multi-faceted man.