Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flashback HNT and then some

Throughout my life I have periodically chopped my hair off and then let it grow out.
This is me in the early ninties,
obviously in a "all chopped off" phase.
Within the last couple years I finally came to...
not just a cease-fire,
not merely a truce,
but an actual peace with my hair.
I am sure many of the male types who read this blog are completely lost about this.
But anyway,
I rather expected that now that we are co-existing peacefully I would keep it long.
But this week,
partly because I am pretty busy,
partly because all that hair is really hot in a helmet,
partly because it is getting sunny and summery feeling,
partly because I was just ready for a change,
I did it again.
And I think I like it.
Also, if you want to check me out with my friends the Hijackers,
and my HNT is pretty dorky over there Vera,
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Vera said...

You certainly can wear short-hair!!
It looks gorgeous!!!!!
And I love the green on the wall!

Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind. - Terry Pratchett

Vera said...

btw... waiting for your dork-shot!

barefoot_mistress said...

Ooh mama you look hot! Such a lovely readhead you are, HHNT Beautiful!

barefoot_mistress said...

Ooh READhead, i sorta like that for you, it's fitting!

lime said...

it looks great and i think i am headed in the same direction because i can't deal with long hair while one handed. happy HNT

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's best to chop it all off. ;) Clean slate...I did that this spring.

Nice hair Logophile...

Anonymous said...

Looks great.


The Grunt said...

Well, it doesn't look like you've aged much at all, Logo. I bet your head loves the extra oxygen. I'm not implying that you're a air head, either.

Egan said...

I agree with The Grunt. You don't seem to have aged. I love the bit about The Helmet. I know all too well what you mean by this as a fellow curly haired individual. Have a great Thursday.

Minka said...

egan and you have wonderful hair. I love the curls and would love to have them. However, I am cursed with this hair that hangs staright down and no amount of chemicals will make it move any other way.
You look cheeky :))))

Breazy said...

I LIKE it ! I just had mine chopped a week ago ! I do the exact same thing . My hair grows fast and I have kept it all one length for about a year or so now , with the exception of some layers but I went last week and had it chopped off in a "bob" type style and I am so pleased with it . It is alot easier to care for with my hectic schedule . Happy HNT!

snavy said...

I love it!! Although, I loved it long. You have the type of hair that looks good both ways. That, and you are so pretty.

Also, I get it 100%. My hair was that short about 4 years ago. I have a length goal now then I'll probably start chopping it again. It has to be long enough for a ponytail or I'm just uncomfortable.

logo™ said...

Vera~ Thanks! That is the wall of my bedroom, it is a great green for relaxing in there and stuff.

Susie~ readhead ;p funny lady! Oh, and Wooo hooo, she called me beautiful!

Lime~ Yup, I hear ya, that is one of the times mine got really short, when my arm was all busted up, and when I moved to Greece and when I had babies, and...

Guggs~ Oooooh, so now I want to see pics of you from BEFORE spring. You are right, the clean slate is good, and thanks.

Cowgirl~ thanks!

Gruntimus Maximus~ Aww, thank you so much! Compliments will get you almost anywhere. I don't notice the oxygen so much but it is definitely lighter, and everything stops sooner, like when I turn my head, there is no extra swishing around, I am still getting used to that.

Egan~ You are very sweet, thanks! Yup, I figured you would know what I mean about making peace with my hair, even if you are a guy, since you have the curly thing going. And a very relaxing, sunny Thursday to you.

Minka~ Don't tell anyone, but I am cheeky, shhhhhh;)
There for a while I straightened my hair chemically, and I loved the fact that it would just lay straight down, I would pet it! It felt so wonderful, but that is just NOT what my hair was meant to do. But I am a fan of straight hair and I think yours is lovely.

Breazy~ It makes life a little easier, huh? I am all for the things that make life more liveable. You need to post a pic (or I need to pop over and check it out) so I can see the new and improved Breazy Do.

logo™ said...

Snavy~ Thanks! You are so good to me. There are some stages of the growing out process that are not my favorite, but, I just am more fond of changing it than I dislike any of those. There are some things about me I can't change, some that will take a while to change, but hair? That can be different in an hour!

weirsdo said...

I agree that it looks good both ways. If mine is too short it sticks up funny in the mornings.

Anita said...

Girl let me tell you I also understand about the helmet. It's already pushing 90 here in Atlanta and it's only May! You are inspiring. I'm going to go get some locks lopped off this weekend. =)

Lily said...

I have hair envy.

I know I'm feeling the itch to cut off my hair too... and if I looked good with short hair I'd do it.

You look so cute!
I would look like a horse.

West of the Sun said...

Wow, it looks AWESOME!! =)

The Village Idiot said...

They told me they gave my hairbrush to the peach...are you from Georgia?

keda said...

i like it! and your tongue over at hijacked is incredible!!!
happy hnt babe!

logo™ said...

Weirsdo~ Mine sticks out funny or up funny, etc all the time, I just go with it and pretend it is on purpose.

Anita~ You go girl, at 90 degrees, dang, I would be chopping it too.

Lily~ You could never look like a horse, EVAH, but your hair is gorgeous, so just put it in a pony and sit in front of the A/C.

West of the sun~ Thanks!

Idiot~ No, but my mug is, I would have saved you the clippings but red isn't your color.

Keda~ Thanks, dorky enough for ya?

DaMasta said...

Wow, Logogogogoooo™! You haven't aged a bit!!

Love it!

Happy HNT!


Seamus said...

Wow! I love your red curlies! HHNT! :)

Blither said...

Fabulous and Funky! Love it Lady!

Mark Leslie said...

Glad you made peace with your hair (me, I'm almost at the point of making hair piece)

Also thought it was neat that you still have the same really cool smile . . .

Happy HNT!

Melliferous Pants said...

Helmets make me horny.

Melliferous Pants said...

I hope that wasn't too much, I'm feeling terribly inappropriate.

Logophile said...

Damasta~ Thanks! That always sounds good.

Seamus~ Thanks!

Blither~ I do what I can to be both, I am handicapped by my natural goofiness.

Mark~ Mr Logo is growing his forehead out too, it is fabulous in its own way, NO HAIR PIECE!! And thanks for the compliment!

pants~ It makes me horny that you like helmets, is that inappropriate too?

Kyahgirl said...

Logo-you are so lovely, then and now. I like the short curls sis!

schnoodlepooh said...

You have very nice hair - looks good long and looks good short. Lucky you!

logo™ said...

kyahgirl~ Thanks! And thanks for the blanket, I am feeling much better now.

Peg~ Thanks, I think maybe next week I will have found SOMETHING else to talk about.

Candace said...

Oooh! LOVE the new 'do!!! :-D

Crystal said...

love the new hair and the hnt. you effing rock.

Logophile said...

Cadace~ Thanks! I am getting used to it and I have to remember to put sunscreen on my neck!

Crystal~ Kewl! I don't get told that very much, I think I like it!

Sar said...

Your long red curls were to die for and absolutely gorgeous on you. But as one with curly hair myself, I can absolutely understand and related to the love/hate relationship that comes with it. The new one's a cute cut on you. But it begs the question, does this mean you're going to have to alter your avatar now too? ;)

logo™ said...

Sar~ thanks, I hadn't thought of a new avatar. I just may, hmmmmm