Thursday, May 25, 2006

I gotta be me!

Now if I could just figure out who I am.
I have pretty much ruled out evil genius,
and I am comparatively sure I am not the sweet, soft-spoken gal who remembers everyone's name.
Other than that, a world of options is open...
Got any ideas?


lime said...

one who does not like to blend in , but baby it's one of the things i love about you.

DaMasta said...

You're badazz, you're smart, you're beautiful, you're a little neurotic, but dammit, ppl like you!


barefoot_mistress said...

Hey waitaminit! I clicked that flower pic, and there is NO naked Logo behind it, there's not even a dog! Sheesh, what a rip off....

No new wank bank materials for me I guess....


Kyahgirl said...

take your petals off and we'll help you figure it out little flower.

Blither said...

Ooo.. This one could be a really really entertaining comment box.

So far from what I know .. You're very very witty Ms Logo!

The Grunt said...

First of all, the rest of those tulips (I think that they are) should be yellow and the one representing you should be red.

Candace said...

Well, the picture suggests:

Bright and sunny even when everyone else sees red

Outstanding in your field

Sweet but may harbor a sting within if crossed

Early bloomer - cutting edge

Rabbits love you

Makes sense!

snavy said...

Aaaawwww c'mon - there's a little bit of
evil genius in you. Mwuhahahaha!!!!

You are bright and witty and unbelievably clever. You are friendly and loyal and extremely trustworthy. You are bold and beautiful and loving. You are Logo!!

Kat said...

The yellow tulip in the field of red. All beautiful, but one unique.

I love the picture.

Seamus said...

"It's not easy being yellow" ;)

Egan said...

Are those tulips? Do tulips grow well near where you live? You shall see young lady, you shall.

vera said...

i'm just enjoying watching you figure it out :)))

Blither said...

Snav's an over·a·chiever.. Jeesh Snav!

Could have shared half those compliments with the other good people of the blogosphere.

Tee hee :)

Logophile said...

Lime~ Aw, thanks sweetie, mwah! You are pretty outstanding yourself.

Damasta Smalley~ Speaking of which, am I late paying your friendship fee? I will get that check in the mail right away, thanks!

Susie~ See me after class, I have full frontal nudity, just for you.

Kyahgirl~ Are you pollen my leg?
No petal pulling!

Blither~ Its all smoke and mirrors, and having good commenters helps make one appear quite clever.

Grunt~ I like that idea, I like it alot.

Candace~ wow, witty and complimentary, you are good!

Snav~ Shhhh, I am trying to keep my somewhat-clever quasi-evilness on the DL. As for that list, well, I dunno if that is all me, but it sure as heck is something to work toward, thank you, mwah!

Kat~ I quite liked it too, sings to me.

Seamus~ ;-D Yup, I am definitely not easy, not easy to life with, or...

Egan~ Near where are live are some truly amazingly gorgeous tulips, you should try to come visit the area sometimes, it is lovely.

Vera~ Are you laughing with me, or at me??

Blither~ Snav knows how to do it up right, doesn't she? Gotta love the Snavylyn

Sar said...

You are one helluva sassy & savvy mamma!

teacher's pet said...

Sar once said I was a "mad genius," But I don't think that suits you as much. since I see no naked Barbies or miraculous kitty litter images here.

I think you're the best teacher ever!

Logophile said...

Sar~ Well, definitely sassy, I've been hearing that since I could talk, savvy? Well, at least SOMEONE thinks so! Thanks!

Weirsdo~ Aw, thanks, you are the best teacher's pet I ever had!