Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday 55 Flash Fiction

This is 55 word flash fiction.
With bonus pics thrown in just for fun
Conscious thought returned slowly in a blaze of overwhelming sensation and lights that were far too bright. Distant voices asking odd questions about the date, their location, and the presidency burrowed into her awareness. The realization this was no dream finally dawned on her. Isn't that interesting, she thought, pain tastes just like a penny.
Her fingers trailed languidly as she raised her arm overhead. The rhythmic bumping was soothing she thought as her eyes closed. His occasional grunts of exertion made her wonder if she ought to feel bad for letting him do all the work while she was nearly falling asleep. "I'll row the boat back to shore."


DaMasta said...

To me, pain tastes just like Tylenol PM.

TGIMFF! Great fictions, as usual!

barefoot_mistress said...

Excellent, Logo! Happy Friday hurray!

The Village Idiot said...

MIchael Row Your Boat Ashore...

its a twofer friday!!! well done

Blither said...

First one's for Lime, huh? Tee hee.

Oooh Logo.. Second ones for me, Right? I so prefer it when the man does all the work.. *Wink*

Girl... I wuv you! hahha

snavy said...

Those were both great!! You are so good at this!!

lime said...

lol, that first one hits a bit too close to home :P

The Grunt said...

"His occasional grunts of exertion" Ha, you knew I'd like this part.

Logophile said...

Damasta~To me Tylenol PM tastes like serious morning breath, dang that stuff knocks me on my can.

Bare~ Thanks, happy Friday to you too!

Idiot~ Do you feel the juxataposition of the protagnist's perception and the intrusion of the secondary character's reality clarified the sense of disorientation she was experiencing?

Blither~ I was betting it would sound familiar to our friend. And yes, the second one can be for you.

Snavy~ Not enough room to add in my usual fault :p

Lime~ I wondered if you might think so (snicker snicker)

Grunt~ This grunts for you!

The Village Idiot said...

Logo~ I do not feel that it is so much a juxtaposition as a causality. The protagonist's soporific state was brought about by the actions of the secondary character. There are obviously some amorous feelings between the two characters. I believe the secondary character was engaging in some subterfuge to heighten these feelings in the protagonist to further his own agenda.

kyahgirl said...

Great stories logo.
Hey, did you notice that the VI's response right above me here has even more words than the whole story? Is there some kind of punishment for that? Will he take it on his back?
Will he take it on his head? Who knows?

Candace said...

Oooooh!! Love them both, and yes, the "grunts" got me, too. :-)

Sar said...

Madam Logo, you are quite the writer there missy. Nicely done. The first one left me with the taste of blood in my mouth (um, ick) and the second the taste of seduction (um, yum!).

Did you see what happened though? We must have knocked some serious language into the Idiot with that 2x8...lordamercy!

Logophile said...

Idiot~ You have the tone of a man in the know, I shall defer to your judgement on the matter.

Kyahgirl~ When the appropriate response has been determined it will be administered, rest assured.

Candace~ Glad you enjoyed, tee hee

Sar~Taste of the second suit you better? Kyahgirl things he needs another whack, we should confer on the matter.

goldennib said...

You pack so much in such a small space. Very nice.

Doug said...

"pain tastes just like a penny." I love that line.

logo™ said...

Goldennib~ Thanks, I am working on being succinct, it is not a natural gift, I am taking lessons from Doug.


Minka said...

She beeter be areful on that boat. he might row her into and area where pyranyaes(I don´t care if it is spelled wrong!) are and those lovely fingers might experience pain, tasting like a penny or will cost more to stitch new ones back on!