Monday, May 01, 2006

So, it's May already

which means more sports, and winding up the school year and several other extra commitments as well.
The basic gist of which is...

I am a little busy.

In light of this,

I will be around alot less for a while.

I will be busy doing this.Don't envy me too much.


lime said...

good luck. hurry back. our lives are worthless voids without your charming erudition :*

barefoot_mistress said...

Hee hee hee what cute little cartoons, Logo! XXXXX Don't work too hard:X

The Grunt said...

Well, moms make the world go 'round, so I'm sure the Things will appreciate it.

snavy said...

Same here. Now that its getting warmer and dryer out, we will be spending much more time outside.

Plus, I'm following your lead and spending only designated time online.

Have fun!! :)

Doug said...

I got lost in cyberspace. We'll be nice if you cut down posting, but we'll miss you. Can Ariella post for you while you're running around?

Teacher's pet said...

Me too. I completely understand. But I did your meme, teacher. Any chance for get extra credit? Pretty please?

Minka said...

I am green! green I say!
have fun and you know: less is more ;)

DaMasta said...

I hear ya, girlie. I am a busy little bee myself. Everything is great, though.. just busy! ;)

Don't stress too much!


Kyahgirl said...

no pressure missy, we'll always be here whenever you're ready to grace us with your wit, beauty, goofiness and such! :-)

Candace said...

LOL! LOVE the pics. Wow do I ever feel like that first woman most of the time!

Logophile said...

Lime~ Mwah, you say the sweetest things

Barefoot~ Thanks, I shall be fitting in the inportant stuff (blogging, chatting) as best I can.

Grunt~ I am glad YOU are sure they will, all of us here appear to be in some doubt on the matter.

Snav~Yup, we went to a park today, so gorgeous, for about 45 minutes, then it started to rain, ggggrrrr

Doug~ She had gotten spoiled and lazy, but if properly bribed I can get her to do most things, it all depends on how big the steak is.

Weirsdo~ Awesome! I shall have to run over and see it, lots of extra credit for you.

Minka~ I s hall try to have fun and you know, green is quite becoming on you!

Damasta~ What, me worry?

Kyahgirl~ Aw, thanks, goofiness on tap, that's me baby!

Candace~ Yeeeeee-up, I know what you mean, 'cept I would never wear a necklace like that, it's just not me.

Sar said...

Raising kids and running a household is no excuse for not blogging 24/7.

Hi, I'm Sar, and I'm a blogging addict. ;)

In all seriousness, it's completely understandable, and my online time will cut back dramatically when school lets out here too.

DaMasta said...

Yes! You! Worry!

[You *are* a red-head afterall! ;)]

logo™ said...

Sar~ Yeah, I hear ya, those precious lil people cut into the free time, don't they?

Damasta~ It's true, you caught me, I am indeed. You catch all the good stuff!