Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of the gandmamma/mamma.
This is a picture of her looking on uncomfortably while her grandchildren engaged in highly questionable roughhousing at an Italian castle. This is not as worried a look as she wears when I take them for rides on motorcycles and allow them to say naughty words like, darn.
Despite these errors in my judgement she continues to voice her approval of me as a human being and a parent, she is good to Ariella, offers to babysit and helps with the dishes when she comes to visit, what more could one possibly ask?
As some of you have heard me say, sarcasm was my mother tongue, without her I could never have gain and maintained my current level of fluency.
Thanks mom, if you weren't you, I wouldn't be me,
Happy Birthday!


snavy said...

Happy birthday Logo's mom!!!

My mom speaks fluent sarcasm and schooled me in the art as well.

LOL @ "highly questionable roughhousing"

Candace said...

Happy Birthday Mamma™!!!

COOL picture! Did the kids pick up much Italian when you lived there?

barefoot_mistress said...

Happy Birthday Mrs Logos Mom!

LOL At first you had me thinking, where the hell is this Italian castle in Washington? You're gonna have to take me there when I come up...LOL.....insert little man rolling on floor laughing

weirsdo said...

Happy birthday, Things' gandmamma!
My father, who was born in 1915, had an aunt who would never allow any euphemistic swearing except "Fudge!" The innocent woman thought that didn't stand for anything bad. . . .

Logophile said...

Snav~ Well, they were running at each other with sharp things, I have to admit it wasn't probably the safest game ever, but they really enjoyed it.

Candace~ They learned a little, refusing to learn it was Thing One's method of coping with missing family here. The last year there they did pick up some, but now, two years later we have the basically the equivalent of Sesame Street Italian.

Susie~ (insert tongue sticking out face here) Silly girl, that was taken at the castle about 5 minutes from our house in Italy. I will take you to a nice Italian restaurant here though, if you like.

Weirsdo~ Good story! Funny stuff, you should have seen my beloved mother's face when my little one popped off with,
"What is wrong with this FREAKING thing!!" She tried so hard to raise me right, I just keep veering left.

Fred said...

Happy Birthday!

Seamus said...

Happy Birthday Logo's mom! Bufflebarks!!!! ;)

DaMasta said...

Happy Birthday Logo's mommy!! Thanks to you, I have daily internet entertainment.. NO! Not like *that*!


The Grunt said...

Happy Birthday, Logo's Mom! I'm a little late, aren't I?

logo™ said...

Fred~ Thanks

Seamus~ mwah! Thanks

Damasta~ Does that mean you found my secret site?? Le Gasp! tee hee

Grunt~ It is never too late to wish well or pay attention to a woman,NEVER.

lime said...

happy belated birthday, mother of logo.

whatever would she say of ziplines?

Kyahgirl said...

Happy birthday Logo's Mom.

Logo? Does she know about us? :-)

Sar said...

Happy Belated Birthday Logo's Mamma! Hope your son-in-law made you a yummy cake. :)