Monday, May 08, 2006

Last week Doug and Monika tied for the lead at 80, aren't the two of you clever and cute and all that?
At 70 we had TanLucyPez, Vera, Met2morf, and Thaddeus.
Congrats all, you are such smartypants!

Speaking of pants, I just paid an outrageous sum for some pants, over $100!
That is crazy talk, isn't it?
Well, they are made with teflon, so I guess it is understandable, but still...

OK, I am done talking,
it's the QUIZ!

Oh, and for those who have been missing her

She has been busy enjoying the good weather.


Kat said...

She's so cute!

I really suck at those quizes. I'm always thinking "I almost picked that!" They are just so fun, I can't help myself. :)

barefoot_mistress said...

Well Logo, I'm happy that you have gotten some Kevlar for your ass!

Women's Low-Rise Draggin' Jeans? :P

OK Off to totally blow the quiz!

Will report back later so's you can all throw rotten veggies at me...

Melliferous Pants said...

Quizes make me feel like a ding dong so I took this week's quiz under the code name "lobotomy candidate."

Teflon pants?! I should invest in a pair before my next trip to Vegas. Although, splitting your pants out at the club makes for a good story....

The Grunt said...

Logo, I'll take the quiz later, cuz my brain is mushy right now. Nice doggie pic!

lime said...

whoppin 60, lol

Casper said...

I have been missing her!!


Doug said...

It is a real honor to share glory with the esteemed Minka. Sadly, we won't be sharing a crown this week, although I got Hermeneutics right for the first time. Thanks, Logo.

Howdy, Ariella!

Minka said...

Why is there a quiz on Monday and not on Tuesday? You are shaking my whole belief system right now!!!

Minka said...

And yes...Douglas and I are smart, pretty and cute. Was there ever any doubt?!

Candace said...

Are you into a new sport??

Uh, if it hadn't been for the tea and the blue blood, I'd have gotten every single one wrong. Hooray! A near perfect score! Just in the wrong direction. :-/

Aw, she is such a sweetie. :-) She always looks like she's thinking such Deep Thoughts. :-)

logo™ said...

Kat~ As long as you are having fun, THAT is the point, and yes, she is a cutie, isn't she?
She got herself in all kinds of trouble that day though, chasing birds and rabbits (which she is not allowed to do) and rolling in smelly stuff. All in all a good day for a dog.

Susie~ No veggies, I promise, just kindly intended mockery.

Pants~ There ya go, and as a side note, they are not teflon, they are kevlar, eh, whatever. Last I looked you were tied for second, no lobotomy candidates in sight!

Grunty~ Happy Birthday, and the quiz will be awaiting you whenever you get to it.

Lime~ As I have mentioned before, obscurity is my gift!

Casper~ awww, whadda sweet lil boy, who's a sweet boy, that right you are, boo boo.

Laura~ Casper is using the computer again, hope he washed his paws first.

Doug~ Have a diploma, you've earned it! Ariella sends love and sniffs to inappropriate places.

Minka, it was almost midnight, Ididn't hit publish until it was technically Tuesday, gimme a break, cuz! And no, there was no doubt that you and Doug are clever and cute and cuddly and such.

Candace~ The pants are for motorcycle riding, sposta prevent road rash and such. Sorry to have messed up your nearly perfect score, I shall strive to do better in the future. Hey, you should e-mail me sometime. I want to give you my street address and credit card number but not right here in public.

Minka said...

hmm, I did the quiz now...taking teh nightshift and everybody is, well...sleeping. Did pretty good too.
Althought I guessed the Hayden thingy in NYC and the Icelandic Eurovision song was a gift to me, was it not?! :) Much appreciated*clap,clap*

Logophile said...

Minka~ It was a gift to you, my dear! Glad you came by to pick it up! Well done, you are tied for the lead, again.