Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy birthday, Thing Two!

Seven years ago the youngest Thing joined our crazed lil clan.

He was a total Daddy's boy right from the start. When Mr. Logo walked in the house, he knew, even if he was sleeping. He loved sleeping in his papa's arms.

Shortly after he turned two we relocated to Italy and he celebrated the next couple birthdays there.

This is my little monkey man finally showcasing his skillz in an approved (and therefore less intersting) location.

Thing Two loves costumes, after Halloween I go buy him a couple extras while they are 50% off. His current favorite is a ninja costume but various forms of pirate-y clothes are a mainstay of the make-believe wardrobe.

Here he is playing catcher, probably for the last time. Despite repeated instruction he WOULD NOT keep his knees up. He got pegged in the thigh twice in exactly the same spot. Catching has lost its appeal at this point. But he looks fierce in the gear, eh?

That is my seven year old. Hard to believe he has sucessfully endured that long. He is a creature of amazing strength and flexibility.

Happy Birthday, lil man!


Vera said...

Thems good genes!

Happy Birthday Thing Two!!

From some weird Canadian that you don't know, so I imagine you would be scared and wondering who I am, but your mother made me do it and then I had to eat my broccoli and go to my room.

Kyahgirl said...

Yay for thing two! Happy birthday to you.

wow logo, he's going to be a ladykiller when he grows up...what a sweetie.

nice hat in the last photo, looks familiar :-)

goldennib said...

Happy Birthday, Thing Two.

I want one of those spike hats.

Sar said...

Happy Birthday Thing Two.

The last picture made me wonder if Thing Two a distant relative of the Idiot?

The Grunt said...

Happy Birthday Thing II. If Thing I is mean to you on your birthday, tell your mom. I like the picture with the puffer fish thingy on his head.

lime said...

arrrg matey, this is the limey wench wishin ye a happy birthday. grab yerself some birthday grog and have a happy one!

Anonymous said...

Thing Two:

Happy Birthday.

Candace said...

Oooh Bob the Blessed Builder (may his name be forever praised!)

Great pix. I love the one with Mr. Logo™ There's something so beautiful about daddies and babies. :-)

Candace said...


Happy Birthday Thing Two
Happy Birthday Thing Two
I love all those pictures
And your freaky hairdo!

Congratulations on your 7th trip around the sun, dude!

snavy said...

Happy Birthday Thing Two!!!!!

snavy said...

Oh yeah ... Happy Mother's Day to your mommy!!!

Logophile said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, I read them all to him and they made him very happy, thank you very much.

Vera~ He is unfrightened by the freaks in the box, even the Canadian ones. Mwah!

Kyah Canadian sistergal~ He already has a fan club, half the kids at his party were girls. Ohhhh man. He borrowed the hat for a few minutes from a friend of mine. Thing Two loves that pic.

Goldennib~ Unfortunately they don't stay on if you have very much hair. They are fun though.

Sar~ Thing Two likes him ok, wouldn't claim him as a relative though. He did try to bum a penny of him though.

Grunt~ Thing Two thought it was more anemone-like but puffer fish is plausible. Thing One was incredibly well behaved, generous even.

Lime~ He loved that, you always know just what to say!

Thanks Guugs

Candace~ Hallowed be his Bobishness. I prefer the English Bob, his American voice just seemed so weird. Thing Two actually favors Mr. Logo in looks, and seeing the two of them cuddled together even now is such an aaaaaaw moment.
Fabulous song, BTW!

Logophile said...

Snav~ mwah! Thanks hon, from Thing Two and from me,
Happy Mom's day to you as well.

Candace said...

LOL! Did you read my Bob rant the other day, or is your mention of British Bob a coincidence??

Logophile said...

Candace, I muissed that somehow! But I am pleased you view the matter correctly.

DaMasta said...

Happy Birthday, Thing Two! May you be as confusing as your mother. ;)

Happy Mommy Day, Logoo!

Sar said...

Hope the birthday went as well as I hope your Mother's Day is going, Logo! :)

Minka said...

happy borthday to thing two, Congrats with your brother, thing 1 and Happy Mother´s day To you sweet Logo!
You sure have a reason to be proud as hell;)

Doug said...

Happy birthday, thing the second and happy mother's day to the Alpha Female.

mr ratburn said...

Happy Birthday Thing two! It't my birhtday too! Hurray! What a great day to be born!

barefoot_mistress said...

Happy Birthday thing two!!!! We had cheesecake for Mr Ratburns birhtday, what did you have?

schnoodlepooh said...

Happy birthday to Thing 2. I love the 7 year old look!

Logophile said...

Damasta~ He is well on his way. I frequently quote this Shakespeare line regarding things he says, "He is too cunning to be understood."

Sar~ Results of both are fabulous, thanks!

Minka~ Thank you so much, from all three of us.

Doug~ And thanks to you, from us both. He got more toys than I did but I shall find a way to muddle through somehow.

Ratburn~ You timed it well, it is a most auspicious day. Happy Birthday to you!

Suse~ the list is enough to make a grown person sick, cake and ice cream were heavily featured along with orange soda, chips, corn dogs, mini pizzas, and peanut butter thingees. Gack

Schnoodlepooh~ Thanks, we are fond of him. We will keep him a while longer.

Seamus said...

Happy B'day Thing Two!

Happy Mother's Day Logo!

Logophile said...

Thanks Seamus, you are a sweetie, mwah!