Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Meme (Let me tell you about the word)

I volunteered to do a tag from Lime. She assigned me the letter O.
Here goes...

This is how it works:
If you comment on this entry and beg for a letter, I will give you one.
Thou shalt write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.
Of course, if you want to comment but not be assigned a letter, that's an option too.
I'll only deign to assign letters to those who specifically ask for them if they pass the credit check and promise to take very good care of the letter.

Occam's razor

An important scientific principle that can and should be applied to life, in a manner of speaking.
Keep it simple, sweetie!



A great street in Seattle's Pioneer Square district, nice walk, good coffee, and if you ignore the monstrosity at the south end of the street, very attractive. Pioneer Square is a great place (at least during the day) to get a coffee, visit the waterfall park, and stop by the Elliot Bay Bookstore.



These creatures are just so cute you can hardly even believe they are real. I love sea otters. The Seattle Aquarium has some otters and I could watch them for ages. At the Oak Harbor Marina otters will come up to the walkways and check you out to see whether you might have any snacks for them. They are the kind of animal you just really wish would make good pets.


I love the Shrek movies, both of them. I am a Mike Myers fan, despite his occasional lapse in judgement (I am still working on overlooking his Cat in the Hat sacrilige). So I Married an Axemurderer is genius and I love me some Shrek. Ogres in fairy tales are a grossly misrepresented minority, I say STOP DEMONIZING THE DIFFERENT. Don't teach the babies to be hatahs.


Oppositional Defiance Disorder

According to one of my favorite amateur psychologists I suffer from this. It is characterized by uncooperative behavior and hostility to authority. I can't imagine what she is talking about.



Onagers are amusing, friendly, clever creatures. They work well with others and are comfortable in group settings.


Roy Orbison is heavily featured in the sound track of my life. The man's voice is a wonder of nature and he could write a song, man oh man, could he write a song. He speaks to me. When I first switched over from cassettes to CDs, my very first was a two disc Roy Orbison Collection.



Nuff said.


This is me, I admit it. I don't mean to be obscure, my brain just likes to hold onto and interconnect strange, little known, and useless pieces of information. Some people have mistaken this for exceptional intelligence, those who rely on me to recall appointments, phone numbers, where we parked, or why I left the sugar bowl in the fridge have a vastly different viewpoint on that.



The music of Eric Tingstad was a mainstay of my parent's music collection. He teamed up with Nancy Rumbel in the mid to late 80s and I was introduced to the ocarina. It has a beautiful sound, and the double ocarina, which is what Nancy Rumbel plays, is just amazing. If you are dying to own one you can pick them up pretty cheap at the Pike Place Market.

(Yeah, I know it is a very dated pic, but it is the only one showing her play, and I wanted you all to see that)


There ya have it, what O means to me, somewhere a kindergarten teacher is wringing her hands.


The Grunt said...

I really like Roy Orbison. Nice one. Logo.

Candace said...

I LOVE otters! :-) But I like the big O best. ;-) Ocarinas will always make me think of Totoro. :-)

goldennib said...

Very good and with visuals. Roy Orboson's voice is magic.

Minka said...

I love teh Shrek movies as well and...
give me one of them letters! I booked a first class seat on Icelandair for it to arrive safely. But if you dare give me X or Y, I am using that very seat to come back to you and hit you over the head with it! I really should look into oppositional behaviour, too!

lime said...

obscure was a very good word. i think i could have given O to any number of other players and no one else would have come up with ocarinas and onagers. i wanna know, what about okapis? hehehe

great list and loved the visuals too.

keda said...

fabulous and highly educational!
remind me never to play scrabble with you*

barefoot_mistress said...

OK Missy, first of all, I need to know what is the monstrosity at the end of Occidental?

And secondly, where is the picture of Roy Orbison? Have you no respect? You can put an onager and an otter but no Orbison?

Great list ma'am, love the visual, erm, well, except one is missing!

Logophile said...

Grunt~ He was fabulous, now that we are talking about him, I am going to start my CD.

Candace~ Otters are cute, but really, what could be better than that? Aand nice link, you are handy to have around!

Goldennib~Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, and yes, Rob is the man, the magic man.
dum dum dum dum be do wa

Minka~ My Icelandic Queen, never would I give you some mean letter like X or Y, although due to that oppositional defiance thing now I want to give you a Q
(snicker snicker), but you can have an M if you'd rather.
mwah! Thanks for playing

Lime~ That would be a good one too, but I was only sposta do 10.
:p And I CAN follow the rules, sometimes.

Keda~ You would love playing Scrabble with me, I've been told it's quite something to see. I have no poker face whatsoever so it is a game and a show.

Susie~ The monstrosity at the end of Occidental is the stadium. I was overstating, it is not heinous looking or anything. I purposely left the man because I have a very specific mental image of him, playing, mike in front of him. I couldn't find an image online like the one I wanted.

snavy said...

Interesting list. You are the first person I've seen just doing words in general instead of words describing themselves. You are always so clever.

The Village Idiot said...

Outstanding Logo, simply an outstanding list!

Minka said...

Challenge extended and challange accepted. Q it is! Why take the easy way out?! Unfourtunatly Q is not in the Icelandic alphabet, otherwise I would have found some lovely insults and believe you me the pictures owuld have been graphic! :)

Kyahgirl said...

Ogres-love 'em. Both those movies are faves of mine too.

I love it when Shrek whines to Donkey that 'its not easy being an ogre you know'.

my husband and I give each other that line when one or the other of us is behaving a bit ogrish.

Minka said...

It is done...I finfihed teh writing and all the pictures to go with them. I have officially been tagged!

Breazy said...

I have found that you and I have one more thing in common . Most people that I know would say I also suffer from ODD . I have a "mean streak" in me a mile wide sometimes and I can't help but acting on it and then if someone tells me what to do I am like a frickin rebellious teenager and I do the opposite . I can't help this ! hehe

Anonymous said...

This was entertaining to read. Witty witty witty. LOL at "Orga..."

weirsdo said...

Nice post, Logo.
Pansi wants a letter. She can't bear to be left out of anything.

Logophile said...

Snavy~ You mean there is a normal and accepted way to do this and I didn't do it that way? Hmmm, you'd swear I had ODD, huh?
:-p Thanks

Mssr. Idiot~ Thanks!

Minka~ You did amazing, wow. So talented.

Kyahgirl~ There are so many great lines in those movies, and tht is definitely one of them.

Breazy~ I refer to it as being determined and strong willed, it makes it sound better.

Guggs~tee hee, glad you enjoyed the list!

Weirsdo~ Thanks, a letter for the illustrious Pansi, hmmmmm...
How about G?

Doug said...

So, you're down wit' ODD?

Logophile said...

Doug~ I am SOOOO down with ODD.
And maybe even ADD
Oh look, a chicken...