Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Last week, while suffering a disfiguring and disorienting illness (pink eye) my dear friend Susie cheated her ass off on the quiz. Not only did she take it twice, she also googled. She is lucky I love her so much. All is forgiven.

Now, Miss Lime actually won with Weirsdo a close second place.
Good job, ladies, you are amazing!
Doug gets an honorable mention for this:
"Even with the word of warning, written to beware:
With nine replies wrung from his mind which turned once more to air
In clear and sorry lapse of thought, he held Whitman aloft
Ws can't be kept straight when *rememories goes soft."
Brilliant, Doug. If I must have my errors pointed out it should always be done in rhyme.

Next, I am going to be doing 55 Flash Fiction on Friday, please leave me some topic suggestions, eh?

And last, here is


weirsdo said...

Thanks, teacher! AND I got extra credit, don't forget : )
I hope you are not as behind on winding up your year as I am on mine.

barefoot_mistress said...

Cannot help notice that while you did NOT forget that I googled last week....you did forget that I was the first person to find the Whitman error...so I will rhyme it too....then you can acknowlege that I was the first genius to notice the error....

Alas poor Logo, I fear to report
You really fucked up but i'll be a good sport
I'll google the answer to make sure I'm right
Or I'll hear bout MY error for a fortnight!
That Whitman guy and the other one too,
they seem to be wearing the wrong pair of shoes!
Can it be, is it true?
Can Logo be wrong? I don't know what I'll do.
She is always correct, she is always so wise
My image of her has met its demise

Ok haven't done the quiz yet, am off to Google now! :P

barefoot_mistress said...

So there you have it, I got a whopping 20%....I have set the bar quite low here, I'm sure you all will have a magnificent time kicking my ass!


Blither said...

Umm.. I just wanted Sus to feel good - Yeah, That's it. Heh.

Blither said...

Oh... And Suggestions for Flash 55 how about a Seattle theme, Hmm Maybe?

Kat said...

I really have to remember to go with my first feeling. I would have had a few more right!

The Village Idiot said...

I think you should discuss the smashing of atoms to observ sub-atomic particles in your next flash fiction

lime said...

holy shit, i won! how'd that happen?? must have been the drugsw. no one needs fear me this week, that's for sure!

how about a discussion of premillenial dispensationalism as opposed to amillenial covenant theology.

Doug said...

Thanks for the honorable mention. It was poetry month and all.

I think if you can add Infralapsarianism, I'm good with Lime's suggestion.

Sar said...

Dammit, my silly strategy did not pay off this week and I got a pitiful 30! Well pitiful had I'd actually tried. ;)

For your Flash Friday, I think you should do a story about us curly-haired gals having bitch pops!

The Grunt said...

Hey, at least I got the Goretex question right.

Cricketina said...

Wow, I hope my finals don't come back with 4o% like this silly quiz awarded me!!

DaMasta said...

No can take the quiz. But I do have a topic suggestion, if I may: The *real* ingredients to the packet of cheese in mac and cheese.

Candace said...

I pheel kinda stoopid now. ;-)

Candace said...

Flash 55 suggestions:

There was only one shoe.

The only thing that mattered about the umbrella was that it had to be yellow.

Could a bagel mean life or death?

Wine and roses

Those might be hard to do in 55, so here are some more general themes:



houseboat ;-)

I really like this Flash 55 idea. Is it like HNT? Can I steal it?

logo™ said...

Weirsdo~ Extra credit, I remembered, I even made you a question! And yeah, it ain't perty around here either.

Susie~ Awesome poem, and YES, you were first to notice the error, sorry to have thrown you into such a tailspin. Hope you recover soon. Clearly it threw you so badly you couldn't even do the quiz right this week, I feel so bad.

Blither~ You are a giver, I admire that about you. Seattle theme huh, I like the sounds of that, good idea!

Kat~ Always the way, isn't it, go with the gut!

Idiot~ Hmmm, an interesting suggestion, shall I include my thoughts on nuclear war?

Lime~ You did, those are some awesome drugs! And what great ideas for a fictional writing of 55 words. Methinks the smartypants is just being difficult, how unlike either you OR I.

Doug~ Your contribution to poetry month was wonderful, and why am I not suprised you would encourage Lime, why?

Sar~ I did warn you that I started being more careful about randomizing, and I love your story idea!

Grunt~ Quite respectable, and yes you did get that Goretex one, well done.

Cricket~ Your finals will be much better I am sure, better authors.

Damasta~ I haven't ever branched into writing horror before, that is a good idea.

Candace~ NEVAH! You should never feel stupid, he will follow you home (tee hee). YES, please join us on Friday! The idea is to have at least one discernable character, a plot and use EXACTLY 55 words. Pop over here or to Susie's (in my links) and take a look around and let everyone know you have one over at your place.
I will take your suggestions under advisement as I write 55 words.

Anonymous said...

photo's back on...thanks for the flipping of the bird
and the captain morgan...that's hot

logo™ said...

Guggs~ I am all about the emotional support of the blog buddies.

Breazy said...

First of all , I am a day late getting here . Second of all I will take my 30 gladly ! hehe! I have just survived a night of no sleep and lots of allergies so yep , that thirty looks good to me !

Sorry I haven't been over here much lately but I have been really busy ! :)

Minka said...

Lenin said that? I had no clue. And I am also ashamed to admit that I had no idea about the two nuclear power plants....

but nonetheless :)

Logophile said...

Breazy~ Never a problem, stop by any time, you are always and forever welcome, and there is never an obligation! Sounds like you had a rough night though sweets, sorry to hear it, glad you enjoyed the quiz though. After no sleep, 30 rocks!

Minka~ Both those nuclear plants are here in my home state, Washington, so that was not really going to be easy for you, sorry about that. And yes, Lenin said that, as with brutal dictators everywhere the propaganda and the practice looked quite different, didn't they?

barefoot_mistress said...

:P Thats for the comment about yesterdays quiz too, at least I didnt google!

Logophile said...

Minka~ You tied for the high score, You are awesome!
I know that is not your favorite word, but it is fitting. I am in awe of your English, your, knowledge and general wonderfulness, so AWESOME is quite suitable.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, thanks for the poetry question. I got that one right. Not much else though.

Logophile said...

Susie~ you are still cute as can be and a genius.
snicker snicker
Are you gonna cuss at me again?
It makes me giggle.

Logophile said...

Lucy~ 70 is NOT "not much else" you are in the herd tied for second, it was very well done.
You are a sharp one, ma'am, yes indeed you are.

snavy said...

Wow!! That was B-A-D!!

Ty - just what my already tragically bruised ego needed.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Yeah, well Doug knows everything. That Doug. Too smart by half.

Logophile said...

Snavy~ Aw, come here, I will massasge it for you.

Lucy~ He is awfully sharp, that Doug. And that Minka is a clever lil minx too!

Vera said...

im regina...

Egan said...

I'm not much of a quiz person, but I do want to give you a shout out from Maui. Aloha Logo!

Anonymous said...

I passed this test. I'm glad I did. Way to lower the bar eh?

logo™ said...

Vera AKA Regina~ Welcome to my humble quiz, your majesty. Tied for second, you are a clever lil maple leaf, arentcha? Here, have some of my beef jerky.

EEEEEEgan~ Aloha, you haole, good to see ya. You are not required to engage in my quiz nonsense, it is reserved for those who would enjoy it. Now go relax, you only have a couple days left in paradise.

Guggs~ You are allowed to donate questions for the next quiz as well, thereby guarenteeing you will get another 10 points, what a deal, eh?

Vera said...

*snatches the jerky and woofs*

Minka said...

Logo, that is why I was so surprised. i would have clicked any other option but Lenin! A clear devider between what people say to get elected and how people really feel!

logo™ said...

Vera~ now don't forget to chew those thoroughly, otherwise they will mess you up, girl.

Minka~ You know it, and that is clearly not a new thing, eh? A little hint though, just for you.
If you are taking one of my quizzes and there is an answer like that, where one is sooo much different than the others (a brutal despot and three women's rights advocates) you can usually safely bet the odd man out is going to be the right answer.