Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing One is Twelve!

Friday, Thing One turned twelve.
To celebrate this momentous occasion we invited family and his best friend over to eat mountains of pizza, cake, and ice cream.
The Aged Ps were delighted to come and visit the party
and then...
on Saturday. Thing One, his father and brother, his best friend, his uncle, his grampa, and several others went out paint balling. I think the best way to celebrate your birthday is by being allowed to shoot your father, don't you?

Friday, March 28, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday

Well, it's Friday, had you noticed? There some exciting things round these parts but I shall wait to share those details till later. For now, I'll just point out that Fridays are a great time to write flash fiction, and if you do, there are other people who want to know about it! You can hook up with them over HERE.

My flash fiction:

Ice tinged wind scrapes my face, a fitting herald. Once inside, empty eyes and cold smiles top prim versions of the latest fashions. The woman who’s undoubtedly been assigned to welcome newcomers approaches. My replies to her small talk questions become progressive more outrageous till her facade cracks into a genuine smile. Perhaps there’s hope.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Soooo, over in Seattle is this blogger I know,
and quite like too.
When I visited the the blog of a gal who also is a dear friend and recent relation of Egan's she pointed out that he had penned a meme!! This, when taken into account with his lack of affection for memes, is quite amazing.

Ten seconds ago I was answering an email from the Esteemed Elder Sister.
Ten minutes ago I was getting myself a cup of tea.
Ten hours ago I was reading Hero Over Here to the Things.
Ten days ago I went to a lecture at the SAM and also to my tea shoppe.
Ten weeks ago I was parenting solo while Mr. Logo visited California.
Ten months ago I had a lot more free time.
Ten years ago I was changing diapers, chatting in mIRC and ICQ, and driving a Subaru.
----- ----- -----
Ten years from now I will have grown children, and a master's of library science.
Ten months from now I will have more than 1,ooo more miles on Red Molly.
Ten weeks from now we will be done with school for the year.
Ten days from now I will be too busy again, and I will have attended Whirligig!
Ten hours from now I will be starting school for the day.
Ten minutes from now I will be in a bubble bath.
Ten seconds from now I will be working on my long overdue volunteer schedule for April.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am loving spring break!!!

I finished this,
and this,
I've managed to get out on Red Molly.
Life is good.
What are you all doing?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I found time to read a book!

For the first time in ages I found time to read a book, Water for Elephants. I've been reading school stuff, and researching stuff but my time for thing to do just for fun has been pretty limited. I did quite enjoy this book though, and I (along with other) highly recommend it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Roman Art at the SAM

So the SAM had a special exhibit right now on loan from the Louvre.
There was a class for teachers to help us "make Rome relevant."
It was a great class and I got to spend time at the museum,
how does it get better, eh?
I love sculpture, but I wish you could touch it without damaging anything.
I am looking forward to taking the Things to the exhibit and hopefully they will enjoy it too.
It makes me want to go to the Louvre though :p

Monday, March 10, 2008

Rites of it's-not-quite-spring-yet-but-it's-raining-less-and-the-sun-has-emerged.

It's not officially spring, that is the 20th for you technical detail types. Watch out, it's equinoxy!
Sorry, I don't know where that came from, it's late. ANYWAY, here are some pics from our
"We know it's not spring but we're from the northwest and desperate, please for the love of God will it warm the **** up" let's pretend it's spring collection.
We have a suction cup birdfeeder on the window and our little feathered friends seem to quite enjoy it.
Here are Thing One and Thing Two making dinner. They are fans of multi-course meals and they wash the dishes afterward and clean everything up. What could be better, hm?
That is Thing One all geared up and on a ferry during our Canada trip. Isn't he a sharp looking young man?
Here are the Things on the beach during an "OMG I think my ass is about to fall off" break. Being a biker princess I insist on nice hotels with pools when we travel by bike and the kids stayed in the pool till it closed for the night. Good times