Thursday, February 26, 2009

Calvin and Hobbes

Does anyone else find it titter-worthy that if you go with their first names you end up with
John Thomas.

If you aren't a Monty Python fan, never mind.
If so, guess what song I'm humming now ;D

My children have been reading a lot of Calvin and Hobbes lately but we just picked up audio books of The Hobbit and The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus.

Thing Two LOVES the story about Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox,
"Do anything, anything at all, only PLEEEEEEEASE don't throw me in the brier patch!"

Thing One has been working on a PowerPoint show to illustrate the Rudyard Kipling story, How the Whale Got His Throat. We have a recording of Just So Stories and the Things have been listening to them a ton also.

Hey, anything that get them away from the video games for a while has to be good, right?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My theme song for today

Just the song though, at the beginning

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I need to visit the Hoh

The Hoh is a temperate rain forest.
It receives about 13 feet of precipitation a year.

We have visited, and even camped there. It is really an amazing place. You can take a virtual visit here.

Here are some gorgeous photos.

When Thing One was a smaller Thing he sat on a nurse log in the Hoh and watched an elk watch him for a while. It was about the only subject he discussed for nearly a month. All conversations led to the Hoh.


"Thing One, would you like to ride your Big Wheel now?"

"Yah! Let's go! Mom, 'member that time I saw that melk (which is, being interpreted, elk)?"

"I believe so. Do you remember it?"

"Uh huh, he had big shiny eyes, and he looked right at me. I liked it."


"Thing One, it's time for bed."

"Mom, one time, I saw a melk, and I sat down, and looked at him and he looked right back at me, mom."

"I believe I remember that, Thing One. What did you think of that?"

"It was really awesome, mom."


The Hoh is a great place to visit for recalling the wonder of the world.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you feel loved?

Thing One made this for me!!
Is he not clever and awesome?!
Whew, I'm worn out from all that exclaiming.
Fits of parental pride can be exhausting.

Tomorrow is the big day for all the attached romantics out there.

Mr. Logo no doubt has something sweet and wonderful planned.
I plan to give him the card I bought last year and lost, forcing me to run to my small collection of stamps and construction paper, and cut out magazine words to make him something he mistook for a death threat.
I found the card tucked into the book I'd been reading. I evidently thought it would be a good bookmark. As you can tell, I'm a romantic through and through.

I usually opt for the funny cards. If, on the blessed day of St. Valentine you can get funny and suggestive, even BETTER!!

I really do love Mr. Logo though.

This last card is for him.

This is where you can find more of these awesome cards.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good night, good work. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

As is inevitably the lot of all parents, I have these up and down moments.
Some days I see the amazing growth, the maturity, and the development of these amazing human beings and I think, they can do anything! They could lead the free world, cure cancer, be husbands who always put the toilet seat down, or end world hunger.

Then they pull some bone-headed maneuver and I wonder if they will make it to adulthood, or even the next day alive. Thing One obtained a retired candle so he got some gasoline, a long handled match and proceeded to experiment with these item IN THE GARAGE!! The garage where we keep the three wheelers (including the one that leaks gas) and two motorcycles.

My mom has said in the past, when people were being excessively anxious about their children, "It's ok, let the six year old child learn to walk down stairs alone, after all, you're young, you can have more!"
So when my children try to take their own lives I think to myself, They need to stop that! I'm
not young anymore, I am not having more!!

For the last few days Thing One has been working on a duct tape tote bag for me. It is yellow and gree stripes and I am so looking forward to using it. I will definitely let him live another day.

Friday, February 06, 2009

55 word Flash Fiction

Salt air swirled with a menacing flourish as her kayak paddle knifed urgently into the water, leaving a gurgling in its wake. Seeing the clouds gather and loom to the west inspired her to quicken her pace. The tide and wind were both against her, but it was hours till sundown. She could make it…probably.
It's been a while since I did a flash fiction so I figured it was time.

This weekend my papa is turning 70. This is the man.
Some of you may recall when a blogger pal did a little morphing?

This is dad and me mixed together. Frightening, eh?

Anyway, have a great weekend, everybody!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

You can be an anagram

Just go over here.

Here are some of the variation of Logophile as an anagram:
Help Igloo Leg Hi Loop Leg Hi Pool
Leg Hi Polo Leg Ooh Lip Leg Oho Lip
Leg Hop Oil Gel Hi Loop Gel Hi Pool
Gel Hi Polo Gel Ooh Lip Gel Oho Lip
Gel Hop Oil Ogle Hi Pol Ogle Hi Lop
Ogle Phi Lo Ogle Hip Lo Ogle Oh Lip
Hie Glop Lo Hie Go Poll Hell Go Poi
Hell Goo Pi Hell Goop I Hello Go Pi
Hole Pig ...
you get the idea.
Go try it!
Or if you'd rather be Feng Shui, you can go see what they have to tell you about that over at Blogthings. Evidently our feng is very shui.
Your Feng Shui is Amazing
Your home is the perfect place to work, play, and unwind.
Beautiful and streamlined - you understand the importance of design and flow.
Your home is not weighted down by clutter, but it's not austere or sterile.
You treat your home well, and as a result, it treats you well!