Saturday, January 31, 2015

89 days and counting

I have only 89 days of school left.
Work had commenced on the culminating project of the program and I am looking at job listing.
OMG, I am finally almost done.
89 days.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

How things seem.

To some of you, the text on the pages below are akin to this, "Blah, blah blah..."

 But actually it is a really simple schema for XML.
 It is meant to look like this,
mine... doesn't look like that yet.
I have, to my best recollection, done things that are more fun than this.
To me? This seems like particularly heartless torture.

Monday, January 19, 2015

So we went down the coast for Christmas.

 We took the mini-RV Mr. Logo has been renovating and headed south. Turns out there were some minor little leaking issues but once we addressed that..   ♪ everything was awesome ♫

 I did our 7 seafood Christmas Eve dinner.

 This is the beach at Cape Disappointment.

 Exploring caves and climbing rocks- cuz beaches are awesome.

 A little further down the coast we stopped at Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, in Oregon.

 We also stopped at Humbug Mountain State Park, because it seemed so suitable for a Christmas trip.

 There was also a stop at Prehistoric Gardens- where there be dragons.

 We also stopped at a safari park,
which evidently brings out Thing One's swag.

 We had fun on the road,
 and the Things and I did a lot of napping, I mean A LOT.
 We also watched movies and played tabletop games.
 The scenery was amazing.

 Then we finally visited the Redwoods, at Trees of Mystery where they also feature Paul Buyan, and his blue ox.

 We spent some quality time with Bigfoot as well.

 Then we finally got to the trees.

 Thing Two added this, "for scale."
 Thing One and Thing Two with the Brotherhood Tree.

 We tool a little cable car/gondola ride up to the crest of a ridge.

 Which was impressive.
The Things hiked back down with Mr. Logo while Ariella and I lounged our way back down via gondola.
 This is a little tree ring measurement of time- predating the magna carta.

 Then we went to a little aquarium-type thing in Crescent City, CA
 The sea otter was the highlight of the little show.
 Then we went and petted creatures in the tide pool and heard all about them,
 here they are- learning.
When that was over they got back to the goofing off.
 Picture with mom time- such nice babies to straighten up momentarily for a pic.
 Cue the Jaws music.
 Shark petting. Did you know sharks feel like teeth?
 If you thought petting cats the wrong direction was a bad idea--- whew!
 Yes, they CAN swallow you whole- but they don't.

 Mr. Logo was impressed with the pirate lady-she did not seem to reciprocate.
 Riding the waves, bay beee!
 I am so glad my children enjoy being silly
(note the text on bag by Thing One below).
  Watching an awesome Christmas movie while waiting for dinner.
 The chef hard at work.
 Last day on the coast- playing tag on the beach.
Tag is Ariella's favorite game.

 Playing in forts,
 and climbing on rocks...
it was an awesome coastal Christmas trip.