Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cooper has given me an award!

He think I am versatile (not in that reversible jacket way, I hope).
 The horror! The horror!

Alright, so I am now meant to tell you 7 things you don't already know about me.
I asked Thing One to come up with some for me.
Here are his contributions.

1. I throw spoons at my children.
To be fair, TO ME, it was one spoon, it was more of a toss, and there were sharp knives available. Also, he totally deserved it.

2. I am a tree hugger.
This was his conclusion when I came home with the water bottle shown above. I have been reusing it, since I don't have to worry about the chemicals, and I do like the fact it can be commercially composted. However, to be honest, the main reason I bought it was...I was thirsty and it was cheap.
Also, dendrophilia can be a lot of work; trees are so sappy.

I am not a fan of all the icrap.
Thing One just got himself an ipod. He would love for me to download iTunes onto my computer. Ain't happenin'.

Courtesy of Thing Two

4. I insist my clocks be set to the correct time.
When Mr. Logo fiddles with the clock in my car, setting it 5 minutes ahead, I respond by randomly resetting the time. In my opinion, your clock is right, or it is wrong. If you like it to be wrong who cares HOW wrong it is? Might as well have fun with it!

5. I need my morning cup of tea, no really, I do.
I can occasionally made do with coffee if I must, but it's just not the same for that first cup of the day.

6. I come from a long line of Nazis... safety Nazis that is.
I've chosen a different pet peeve. I'm am merely a grammar Nazi, according to my children.

7. As nominated by me~ I never follow the rules of a tag. 

I love all the blogs and whatnot linked in my sidebar, if you haven't checked them out, get to it!
If you haven't gotten this award, consider yourself tagged.

Many thanks to Cooper for nodding this direction and nudging me into writing a post, finally.
Last and not least, since he brought it up...
"I know a dead parrot when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now."

Friday, June 17, 2011

Out with the old...

My 'puter died.
 I have a laptop now.

I am having new computer blues.
Thankfully most of my stuff was backed up on an external drive.
Sadly, getting everything to the new one is a pain in the @$$

And I can't find my Word disc, grrrrr

However I've been out hacking on the shrubs with my great big yard scissors, and that is a great way to work off some aggression.
Yay for yard scissors!

Monday, June 06, 2011

I have to push the pram a lot!

I had 19 lovely pieces of spam to delete from my comment mod file today.
Several were in Asian languages, a couple in Russian, and some were in English but still
too cunning to be understood.

For example;

"thanks in the course of this delicate tips and quite polite blogs"

This stunningly cogent gem came with an imbedded link for viagra... of course!!

Then there was this beauty,

"look at this - [defunct link] don't is beautiful I deliberate on so"

Isn't that fun?
In other news Thing Two had developed a Doctor Who fascination and it's catching.