Wednesday, April 15, 2015


On Friday I am doing a lightning talk at the WLA (Washington Library Association) annual conference. I have to be interesting and memorable. I have to summarize an almost completed project of considerable complexity in 5 minutes and, if possible, look eminently hireable while doing so.
No pressure, ya know.

I will be honest— I totally have a fantasy one or more hiring librarians will watch the presentation and say to themselves, "Self, we need to hire this person immediately!"

I am aware that it is not a LIKELY scenario, but a gal's gotta have some dreams, dang it!

'Course, could always be that it happens but the library is in Pend Oreille (pronounced 'round these parts as "pond-or-ay") county, which really is not in my desired locations list.

Anyway, that's a thing I'm doing this week.