Thursday, June 28, 2012

"But... it's for the poor!"

I have been volunteering for quite some time with a local free clinic. I just love being part of the team that provides and supports this kind of thing. I occasionally volunteer during clinic hours to do exit interviews but most of my volunteer work is actually done online. I am their social media chick. 

This gives me a great reason to stay abreast of the latest social media stuff (I maintain a Facebook page, Pinterest account, Twitter feed, and just started a Tumblr for our Executive Director). What that means is that I have a good reason for the time I spend dinking around online.

I occasionally do something or other that isn't related to my very important charity work but, you know, the vast majority of my online time is invested in the very important task of furthering my clinic's social media message.

I have to go now. It's time for me to ignore the laundry and hang out on Facebook and Pinterest— it's for the poor!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Open Letter to Lou at the Purdy Paintbrush Co.

Dear Lou,

I worked on some bookshelves today with a brush you made. I painted one set blue to go in my younger son's room and the other set I painted brown. I loved the way the angled tip works so nicely, smoothing the paint on around the trim and the various edges. Such an awesome brush for cutting clean lines.
You do good work, Lou.

I used another brush you made a while back, on a different type of project. Doesn't matter though, with your fine work in my hand the most utilitarian of projects feels like working on a masterpiece.
I do so love a good paint brush.

I have no idea if you are young or old, male or female, but I hope you gets lots of appreciation for your brushes. Whoever you are, I think of you as part of my projects, and I really enjoy using your handcrafted brushes.
Many thanks,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is Thing One in his role as a professor in a play last month. He was very good, of course.

Mr. Logo is going to be wearing a mortarboard this weekend. He is going to be the first member of his family (on either side) to have a master's degree. We are all very proud of him.

Thing One is closing out the second semester of school with a 3.9, we are also very proud of him for that.

Thing Two is very nearly done with school for the year as well.
Here is pic from his 13th birthday party. He really liked that cake, and it was pretty tasty too.

As for me, I am currently trying to fit some reading into my life.
I am reading The Girl Who Kicked Over a Hornet's Nest and next up is Death Comes to Pemberley, mostly because Actonbell read it and I thought her review was clever. I just finished The Family Fang and I am also reading the time machine book I've mentioned before, Death of a Kingfisher, and something else. 

Life is so good when there is time to read.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Internet stuffs, cuz I don't have the energy to generate original thoughts right now

" You explain it your way; I'll explain it mine." Said Andy Wachowski to Lewis Carroll.

Try not to get too close, hm?

You'd think someone would have noticed that earlier. 

Really, feel free

I don't really do fingernail painting, but I like the attitude.

My kids love this guy.

Is that not the cutest sloth basketball player you've ever seen? 

Ready for the close up.
This is from the Daily Otter site,
which I love.
Otters are just so stinkin' cute!