Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Open Letter to Lou at the Purdy Paintbrush Co.

Dear Lou,

I worked on some bookshelves today with a brush you made. I painted one set blue to go in my younger son's room and the other set I painted brown. I loved the way the angled tip works so nicely, smoothing the paint on around the trim and the various edges. Such an awesome brush for cutting clean lines.
You do good work, Lou.

I used another brush you made a while back, on a different type of project. Doesn't matter though, with your fine work in my hand the most utilitarian of projects feels like working on a masterpiece.
I do so love a good paint brush.

I have no idea if you are young or old, male or female, but I hope you gets lots of appreciation for your brushes. Whoever you are, I think of you as part of my projects, and I really enjoy using your handcrafted brushes.
Many thanks,


actonbell said...

It's so nice when tools work and function properly!

Anonymous said...

it's a fine craftswoman who praises her tool....