Friday, February 29, 2008

That's IT!!

I'm leaving the country!
Just for a little while though, don't get too comfortable.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hey, do you remember when...

I used to post here, like, almost every single day and I actually had time for the GOOD part of blogging, getting around to read everyone else's blog almost EVERY day??

I remember,
it was soooo good.
You all have great blogs, I miss them. Well, at least you DID have good blogs, I hope you haven't let them go all to hell while I've been busy.

Tomorrow, the 26th of February, is Inappropriate Card Day.

Diesel, the founder of the feast, began celebrating this holiday by giving his girlfriend (at the time, now she is Mrs. Diesel, may God have mercy on her soul) a card much like the one you see above.

This year I sent out a "Have a great first birthday!" card, a "Happy Easter to a very special grand-daughter" card, " Happy Birthday to a great brother-in-law" card, "Happy Secetary Day" card and for Mr. Logo I have a "Merry Christmas, Mom" card.

I also have at least two non-blogging pals who celebrate this occasion with me and while looking for a picture to use for this post I googled "inappropriate card day" and found random bloggers have picked up on the occasion. How fun is that?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aren't I autistic?

This is a little project for an art class I'm taking. One of the things about homeschooling is you have to teach EVERYTHING. So I am learning Spanish so I can help the kids learn Spanish. Some of the subjects come a little easier to me; history, literature, writing... art appreciation is right up my alley but to teach them how to draw and paint and such, that is a little more involved. Anway, here is a picture I painted to look like a European art gallery and then I had fun with inserting some art into it. I kinda missed wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, hope you all enjoyed it. I had a really great President's Day too, cept it made me older :p My pals gave me a great gift to celebrate.
Don't forget, next Monday is Inappropriate Card Day!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Flash Fiction- 55 words on a Friday

Sauntering along, she hummed to herself as she people-watched. The city sidewalks were full of bustling figures striding along determinedly, intersecting with the meandering paths of tourists, elderly people, window shoppers, and homeless folks. So many people, and all with stories as varied and complex as the rhythms and patterns of this pedestrian dance.
Flash Fiction sorta got started 'round these parts over here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm sassy!

Lime said I needed one of these.

In fact, she said it was hard to point to one post that exemplifies my sassiness.
I cannot even begin to imagine what she means by that!
I'm shocked, and taken aback.
I actually appreciate the acknowledgement.
Thanks, Lime!
A group of women I'm involved with recently had a mandatory secret pal exchange. We were to fill out information forms and this is how I filled out mine.
Name: (well, I'll skip to the good parts, eh?)
Marital status: Currently living with my first husband.
Favorite flower: Sundews, snap dragons
Favorite Holiday: Ramadan
Favorite things: Brown paper packages tied up with string
Favorite food: Fava beans and nice chianti
Favorite author: Machiavelli
Heroine: No thanks, I'm clean and sober
Hobbies/interests: Street bikes, chaos theory, blogging, internet chat
Oddly enough, I haven't heard from my secret pal.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Children, I say to you, beware of baobabs!

This plants obviously are not baobabs. (I was just hoping some of you would get the reference and accept that as a reasonable excuse for lengthy absences and silences).
In my kitchen windowsill I have tomato plants (and a couple spider plants). Some of our terribly healthy, natural and organic, and prone to go bad quickly tomatoes decided to sprout inside their skins so we planted them. They've been inching along for months but took off quickly since I repotted them with fresh soil that is all enriched with vitamins, minerals, and artificially fruit-flavored sugar soaked grains, or whatever the plant equivalent of cereal might be.
Thing One and his father are very good about checking their moisture needs, talking to them, and positioning them for maximum sunshine. So far, they are not dead which means they are miracle plants. We plan to nurse them along carefully indoors so the bugs have some really good snacks in the spring when we put them out.