Saturday, November 20, 2010

Show and Tell

 I got some new shoes. That is them up there.
They make me taller than Thing One.
Mama like.
It isn't going to be long until there won't be shoes capable of acheiving that feat for me, so I plan to enjoy it while I can. Plus, these shoes are actually pretty comfortable. 
I needed new shoes.
See, there is the community Christmas thing and since there is a pretty strong Scandinavian influence here, one of the productions being performed is a stage play about early northern European immigrants.
There are some Sven and Ole sketches, among other things. The full cast, including chorus (that would be me), is about 40 people.
Mr. Logo is reprising his role of last year as Ole. 
Thing One  is reappearing as one of the youth leads, and Thing Two sings AND dances, although he didn't want to try out for a speaking role. 
We'll be performing every Sunday night in December. 

I got a new-to-me monitor. My last monitor was roughly the same size as a small island nation, or, well, anyway, it was BIG! I don't mean the screen size either, I mean the rear side of that thing stuck out about a foot and a half (and no one needs a computer monitor with back, ok, that is NOT sexeh).
So a pal gave me the monitor below when we started having a little monitor issue.

Turns out, it may not have been a monitor problem so much as a computer issue. I got this computer almost 4 years ago. I'm a little worried this might be the beginning of the end for it.

Oh, and the car won't start again.

Fricking, fracking, frugging...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Copied from my Facebook note

 because I haven't uploaded the pics I want to show you.

Once you've been tagged.... (1) Turn on your MP3 player or music player on your computer. (2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode. (3) Write down the first 25 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please....

Alrighty then, you asked for it, but it's an odd list!
  1. Candy - Presidents of the United States of America
  2. I Feel It All - Feist
  3. Song of the Cenury- Green Day
  4. Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
  5. Stormy Weather - Etta James
  6. Mr. Bad Man - Tori Amos
  7. 3 AM - Matchbox 20
  8. Add It Up - Violent Femmes
  9. Commissioning a Symphony in C - Cake
  10. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
  11. Life Less Ordinary - Carbon Leaf
  12. Long, Long Time - Guy Forsyth
  13. Black - Pearl Jam
  14. I Want to Break Free - Queen
  15. It's a Beautiful Day - Sarah Brightman
  16. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes
  17. Mummer's Dance - Lorena McKennit
  18. Don't stop Believing - Journey
  19. Thanks That Was Fun - Barenaked Ladies
  20.  Barracuda - Heart
  21. Creep - Radiohead
  22. With or Without You - U2
  23. Pork and Beans - Weezer
  24. Better - Regina Spektor
  25. Dreams - Cranberries

What can I say? It's what I like!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I tend to be a very utilitarian book owner. I don't typically buy or hold onto books just because I really enjoyed them. If I don't plan to read or refer to a book again in the future it will not take up residence with me. Consequently, my collection is heavily weighted in favor of reference books.
My public library serves most of my pleasure reading needs and I usually stop by at least once a week.

My personal book collection is small-ish.

I have one narrow bookcase in my living room,
a storage box in the corner of my bedroom closet,
oh, and a big wicker trunk,
 and, um... a smaller wicker box.

I've attempted to teach my children the importance of having good books to read available but not to be hoarders. They each have a bookshelves in their rooms (which are packed to nearly overflowing, but we sort them from time to time and pass on anything they don't read if they don't love it too much to part with it). 

Anyway, my point is, homeschooling requires books, lots of books. If one surrenders one's very cool schoolroom to be remodelled into a guestroom it only stands to reason that the books will have to find new homes. So Mr. Logo built this, but it only gets partial credit because the books have to share space with the printer and all the photo albums and whatnot.

Of course a few of the books can fit in the twin cabinets from the school room, but mostly they are full of other critical homeschooling supplies.
So, the far end of my breakfast room was stacked high with boxes of books and the overflow was taking up the windowsills, to which Mr. Logo objected. A clever solution was found and so this new cabinet found its way into our home.
Oooooo, shiny.
 It goes really well the black table and chairs in the breakfast room and it holds a metric buttload of books (that is more than the US standard buttload, but the British buttload is larger).
Not to mention, I can store stuff on top of it!
 Now, if someone with too much time and lots of spare mental energy were look at that picture closely they might wonder about why I have a cash register (I'm assuming the globe, test tubes, and balance are self-explanatory). That cash register features a fully-functioning calculator and it turns out, given the choice between a boring old calculator and the cash register version, most children and lots of adults will opt for the ulta-cool cash register model. Also, it hold full-sized coins and bills and is therefore awesome for garage sales, bake sales, etc.
I also think that learning to make (or check) change is a critical life skill and obviously the cash register makes that WAY more entertaining.
Anyway, the cabinet has cleared the boxes out and gotten the books out of the window sills. This is the drawer that looks sort of well-organized.

 Soooo, now I have another big box of books arriving this week and we get to start the hunt for more book storage again, but
I really NEEDED these books, for school, and references, and important stuff like that.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sometimes there are just no words

The weather of late had been unbelievably good. Warm, gorgeous fall days have featured crisp, cool mornings that heat up to glorious afternoons and then chilling off to clear, beautifully-starred nights.

My yard is covered in leaves and the colors on the trees are unbelievable. Western Washington often has soggy, insignificant autumns with the turning of the leaves lasting for only days.

This year we are having a bonafide FALL, and it is lovely.