Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I've noticed I don't write much in Facebook,
and I hardly ever visit Tumblr.
I neglect Twitter and Instagram horribly and I deleted Snapchat because it was meh...

Especially since November I've been burying my head in the sand as much as possible. But I popped over here to find something I'd posted years ago.

Looking back through this blog gives me such a great frame of reference for when things happened. I love having it here to refer to when I want to figure out when something happened.
Being temporally displaced I find my ability to put events I remember clearly into a month or year is not a strength. I have quite a chunk of my kids' lives documented here so it is pretty handy.

Thing One is about to be 21. We are going to take him to Smash Putt.

Here are some highlights of the waiver (can you imagine a waiver with highlights??)

 By entering the premises, you are expressly agreeing to be bound by this agreement.
You acknowledge that Smash Putt is a physically challenging event requiring a range of body motion along a miniature golf course that more closely resembles a military obstacle course. You further acknowledge that illumination is variable and tripping hazards are plentiful. You even further acknowledge that portions of the terrain and surrounding may be mechanically, electrically, or in some other way, controlled by robots, and as a result, may shift randomly and dangerously and may pose a risk of injury or death.
 You agree that Smash Putt is not liable for acts of God, actions taken by government agencies, or zombie apocalypses, whether foreseeable or if the zombies take you by surprise.

It is a temporary event and is right off Post Alley. I'm kinda psyched to take the kid, and also, if you are going to take your kid to a bar... this is the only way to go.

Thing Two is going to be 18 in a couple months and then I will only have adult children which is freaky to consider. Good and awesome, but freaky. 
The younger Thing is taking it easy this year, only required 4 classes to graduate and so... that is all is he is taking. He isn't doing tennis or track this year either, although he is spending a LOT of time with his girl friend, so there is that.

It is fun and weird to look back at the record of earlier years and contrast it to today.
It always makes me want to get re-engaged in blogging but the impulse doesn't seem to stick.
Nostalgia, man, it is real.