Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thing Two is 14, can you even believe it??

Back when I started this blog Thing 2 was 6 years old. 
 This Nutella devouring photo is a repost of one of the early pictures of him on this blog.
 Here here is as a pirate, awwwwa, such a precious little pirate.
Fierce, I mean, FIERCE!

Here Thing 1 and Thing 2 discuss the lack of mental stimulation available in your average coloring book. 

Daw, is he not cute???

Years went by, and he became a lacrosse player.

A rabbit joined Ariella as co-custodian of the family and here is Perry monitoring Thing 2 during an online grammar class.

Here is Thing 2 and a buddy in their Lego class.
Yes, that is right, Lego class, homeschooling is the bomb.

Lastly, here is Thing Two on his birthday modeling just how grown up he really is these days.

Golly, I like that kid!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Wow, I am getting really tired of this rain!

I can totally understand why people don't want to live in Western Washington. The weather here really sucks.

 Photo Credit: Sherrye Wyatt

In the Casa de Logophilia category of updates we have this, Thing One and his girlfriend, Cheesypickles.
He has been going to swing dance lessons for a while and it paid off. 

This is a photo of Thing One, Cheesypickles and her best friend. I am told this photo is representative of their relationship. I don't entirely understand that, but it is a cute photo. So here it is.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The cure for savagery, in beast or breast as the case may be...

But love the one you hold
And I will be your gold
To have and to hold
A lover of the light

Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer
Hard to be soft, tough to be tender
Come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train

Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer