Monday, February 25, 2008

Hey, do you remember when...

I used to post here, like, almost every single day and I actually had time for the GOOD part of blogging, getting around to read everyone else's blog almost EVERY day??

I remember,
it was soooo good.
You all have great blogs, I miss them. Well, at least you DID have good blogs, I hope you haven't let them go all to hell while I've been busy.

Tomorrow, the 26th of February, is Inappropriate Card Day.

Diesel, the founder of the feast, began celebrating this holiday by giving his girlfriend (at the time, now she is Mrs. Diesel, may God have mercy on her soul) a card much like the one you see above.

This year I sent out a "Have a great first birthday!" card, a "Happy Easter to a very special grand-daughter" card, " Happy Birthday to a great brother-in-law" card, "Happy Secetary Day" card and for Mr. Logo I have a "Merry Christmas, Mom" card.

I also have at least two non-blogging pals who celebrate this occasion with me and while looking for a picture to use for this post I googled "inappropriate card day" and found random bloggers have picked up on the occasion. How fun is that?!


Stephanie said...

hey ... i remember you!!

do you remember me?

i used to blog all the time with you back in the good old days


damnit --- i forgot about inappropriate card day

Jeni said...

Consider how forgetful I am about mailing things, this sounds like a "holiday" I could -or should -perhaps get into!

robkroese said...

Happy Inappropriate Card Day, Logo!

S said...

Oh you googled that pic.
I thought you just straightened your hair.

G said...

Happy Inappropriate Card Day! Ah, the ebb and flow of blogging. Your place isn't bad at all - a little snow removal and I'm sure they'll be some posts shining through :)

SM said...

Hello my darling Logolicious! I've been a bad commenter lately. But I've been reading you in my Google reader! I hope all is going well with you!

This is my new alias, too ('tis moi - ARM).

The Grunt said...

I liked the inappropriate card that I got.