Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday and Saturday...

were certainly eventful around here.
Friday evening while we were at a friend's BBQ
Thing One and Thing Two decided to feed some ducks on the lake.
Thing Two lost his balance and fell in.
His big brother, being of a heroic if somewhat panicky nature,
jumped in to save him.
That didn't go quite as well as he had hoped,
but it all worked out.
We returned home with two wet and mostly unclothed Things.
I left the Things at home with Mr.Logo while I went to play in Seattle.
We went to Pike Place Market where we HAD to get mini donuts.
The cute little redhead boy always get a couple extra donuts
so he gets sent in for the pick up.
From the market we went down to the waterfront.
We took the water taxi over to West Seattle,
hit Alki Point, and the bakery there,
Then we went back and hit the Seattle Center.
Below are my two cousins, about my height,
seated at the oversized table and chairs at the Science Center.
We HAD to stop there, it is required.
But the real point of going to the Center was
Festa Italiana!
Featuring Italian cars,

and lots of fun activities like,

marionette playsand mask making!


The big brother had to demonstrate how stylee

masks CAN be.

No trip to the Seattle Center with these kids is considered complete till they are at least a little bit wet.

I am so tired and Sunday is the Oyster Run.



S said...

Uh whats an oyster run?

Ok first you said you left the things with dad so you can go to seattle, then there the things are in the pic with you getting donuts?

I am so confused!!!!

Looks like so much fun..if I ever make any $ i can't wait to come back up!

Logophile said...

Susie~ It is a motorcycle rally, details to follow. Those things are not my Things, they are belong to someone else, they are related though. There are four of them and the youngest, the 4 year old is a redhead.
It IS alot of fun, so keep hemming, baby!!

Fred said...

Can I go next time? It looks like you guys really had some fun!

S said...

Well, they did look a little like your Things!
You went to Seattle and there are no new pics of the Idiot!?

DaMasta said...

Wow! I love Science centers of all sorts.. the museum of natural science here in houston is my fav b/c they are always changing things up.. I don't have kids, so I have to take other people's kids, otherwise I'm the oldest one there wow-ing at all the displays.. hehehe..

Stephanie said...

Glad the Things were ok. I fall into water all the time - well, I usually jump in but you know...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

lime said...

looks like a fun, if soggy tiome was had by all. i wanna go!

The Grunt said...

I'm all about cool cars and falling into pools of cold water.

Maddie said...

I want to go to Seattle Center!

egan said...

I love our fair city. I've never taken the water taxi from downtown to West Seattle, but I'm happy to see someone is. Sounds like you had a great time this weekend.

Doug The Una said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend including the catastrophe.

Sar said...

And this would be why I need to get me a trip to the upper left coast. Well maybe minus the diving for ducks part. ;)

Glad you had such a fun & eventful weekend, Lady Logo.

Nessa said...

I want to come play with you.

Breazy said...

WOW! I wished our weekend was as beautiful as yours ! We got six inches of rain on saturday and then some more on sunday . Looks like you know how to make a day of it for the kids !