Sunday, March 01, 2009

50 Word Genius

In 1960 Dr. Seuss collected on a bet.
He had written an entire book using only 50 words.
This work of genius was called:

Green Eggs and Ham

He wrote many other wonderful books, and we love most of them.

Happy 105th birthday, Dr. Seuss, this oobleck's for you!


lime said...

genius indeed! happy birthday theodor geisel!

Breazy said...

Dr. Seuss is one of my sons favorite authors and therefore we have many of his books. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Nessa said...

Read him many a time
I like his rhyme

S said...

Gotta love ooblek and green eggs and ham!


The Grunt said...

Gotta love the Dr.'s mad rhymes!

tsduff said...

I had this boom memorized at one time. It still provides lines (quotes) for many of life's occasions today :) Love Dr. Suess

Hobbes said...

Toyplayer especially liked this book.

C said...

It turns out that it IS possible to read that book one too many times. Or a hundred. ^_^ But it's still fun to parody.

I think my fave Seuss related moment is in the Addams Family II when she's reading the Cat in the Hat to Pubert, turns the page and says, "Oh no. He lives." ^_^